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  • 2007 J. Lohr Cabernet Sauvignon Seven Oaks

    I can’t believe I am giving this a high rating. Traditionally, this has not been one of my favorite Cabs, but always decent for the discounted price. Since we are trying to go through our old wines and cull them out, I opened the bottle expecting to find it was ready to pour out. Imagine my surprise when it looked good and tasted even better. I do not know what happened to the wine, since this is one that has never been stored properly at our Fla home over the years, but everything came together. The color was a dark purple with no bricking and it had no “heat jam”. There was dark cherry, mocha, and plum on the nose. It was medium/full bodied and the palate still had tannins, cherry, chocolate, plum, and a little coffee. The finish was medium with dark cherry and spice. This did not taste like I remember my last J Lohr (mid 80 pts).

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  • 2010 Morgan Chardonnay Double L Vineyard

    This reminds me of a Cote de Beaune white Burgundy with the earth and oak. The color is light straw; the nose is toasted oak, gravel, earth and spice. It is medium bodied and the palate is truffles, toast, oak, rock, apricot and golden apple. The acidity has mellowed out and creates an oaky balance. The finish is medium length ending with toasty vanilla.

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  • 2012 Faust Cabernet Sauvignon

    This is pretty much like the last bottle we tasted. Color-dark purple; Body-Medium/full; Nose-blackberry, ripe blue berry, dark cherry; Palate-blackberry, dark cherry, chocolate with oak and some tannins; Finish-medium length with a little black pepper and spice. Very nice Cab with good balance and structure.

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