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  • 2010 Domaine Servin Chablis 1er Cru Montée de Tonnerre

    The last time I had this was at a Muscadet tasting and a few people noticed that it did taste a little advanced for it's age. I'm not one to be highly sensitive to premox. It has to be a pretty bad case of it for me to not want to finish the wine. I did notice a little that day, but against a set of clean crisp Muscadet wines, perhaps it was easier to spot. Still I enjoyed it that day, and I enjoyed this bottle as well with all the elements of the sea and shore that it evoked. But I will say that I don't think it's worth holding these any longer if you've got them. Drink up.

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  • 2013 Daniel Bouland Chiroubles

    My first 2013 Bouland was enjoyed over two nights. Always seem to start with Chiroubles as it tends to be less brooding than some of his other wines. This one is no exception. The Bouland stamp is easily spotted here. Vibrant magenta color, almost electric. Cool and crunchy with great freshness and light grip to the finish. While the fruit profile is more dominating on the first night, it really takes the back seat on day two with the floral, mineral notes becoming more prominent. If this is any indication of Bouland's 2013s, I'm excited to work my way through the bunch and put a decent amount away.

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  • 2009 François Chidaine Vouvray Sec Les Argiles

    Four years since my last taste of this bottle, I'd hope there would be more development. Though I'm not not complaining, as this wine is still very fresh. Familiar profile of yellow fruits with floral and tea-like notes carried nicely by a wave of mouthwatering salinity. This dry, well balanced white has plenty of zip making it a great accompaniment to summer dinner fare. At this point, doesn't seem like it's going to evolve into anything earth shattering, but I like what it has to offer and happy to have one more in the cellar to check on in another 4 years.

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