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  • 2005 WineSmith Pinot Noir Second Fiddle Fiddlestix Vineyard

    Nose is delicious with a cream of mushroomy, strawberry-y, funkiness. Rose petal, cedar, woods/dry leaves.

    Palate is a bit tart, silky smooth, with a tannic bite on the finish. Almost ripe strawberries, mushroom, more rose petal, other vegetable nuances, mineral notes, touch of cola.

    I would say this wine has a long finish.

    Only been open 10-15 min. Tannic bite is subsiding. I'm sure this will improve with more like 30-40 min decant. Nose is getting funkier.

    More than a little life left in this one, but I'm curious how long the fruit will last. This is the most Burgundy wine I've ever had outside of Beaune. As I'm writing this it's hitting 20 min and the second glass is out pacing the first by a lot. I think this wine is going for classic elegance and it's just about nailing it.

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  • 2009 Johan Vineyards Pinot Noir Nils Reserve

    Strong raspberry compote smell, cherry. Dry tobacco smell also. Nice but simple.

    Palate is a little tannic. Spicy and a bit too thick. Minimal fruit, but some ripe strawberry/cherry jolly rancher tries to fight through the tannic onslaught towards the middle end of the palate. Short finish.

    The color is kind of an opaque scarlet trending toward blood orange on the edges. Less translucent and rose colored than I was expecting. The weight/thick mouthfeel kind of makes sense now.

    Overall this wine is out of balance. Fat and tannic. I don't think that it's past its prime (although I could be wrong), rather just not that great or in a dumb spot. Cork looks great, 20m decant.

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  • 2005 WineSmith Pinot Noir Second Fiddle Fiddlestix Vineyard

    Burgundy mushroom berry funk nose. So delicious.

    Palate is a touch peppery. Tobacco. Some coffee. Cola. Red berries.

    A little ripe or this could easily pass as quality burgundy. Drinking very well right now. Enjoy.

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