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  • 2010 Domaine Le Roc Des Anges Côtes du Roussillon Villages Segna de Cor

    I had a tasting of this wine at Moore Brothers Wine Company in Wilmington, DE. I was immediately aware of the quality of this wine. On the nose, I got some cherries, mild chocolate, and wet earth. On the palate, this wine hit me first with an intense fruitiness and then a continuation of that earthiness. There was a distinct after-taste of minerality... like a vitamin tablet. The acidity was very low, and the tannins were very light. Overall, a wonderful wine. I bought a bottle to enjoy at a later date.

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  • 2009 Rodney Strong Pinot Noir Estate Vineyards

    I had this wine almost a full day after it had been opened. We threw a party on the night of the 14th, and one of our guests had opened it. Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately) I didn't get to enjoy it on that day, but I pumped the air out and stored it overnight before having a glass with my lunch on the 15th. It was very obvious to me, at that point, that I was drinking a very tasty wine. Judging by some of the reviews I have read about this Pinot, it appears that aerating/decanting may certainly be key. Also, this wine may still have some aging to do; the reviews I've read seem to be getting better over time.

    This wine was purple-red in color, but very light and clear. Overall, the body was light-to-medium in weight. The nose had some degree of complexity. It didn't have too much going on, but the aromas were certainly distinct and easily separable. I got dried cranberries, some woodsiness/autumn leaves, and a little bit of oak. On the palate, this wine was a little tart. I didn't taste much sugar, but I got a little more intense sweetness, almost bitterness, like vanilla, or vanilla-flavored dark chocolate. I also tasted a little creaminess here. The finish was short and peppery. Low in tannins, low in acidity.

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