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  • 1995 Château Fonréaud

    Good color, quite deep with à clear orange rim indicating its age.
    The Nose is pleasant, tres Medoc and aged. Pepper, vanilla leather and Some ground/forest.
    Lots of alcohol nut surpisingly also quite à lot of fruit left! I tasted: cherry, apricot and bleu berries as Well as more earthly flavours and a bit of pepper, during the tasting the wine developed an old cigar box smell (cedar wood).
    From The start this wine has quite a bite because of the alcohol, tannines are Well integrated and the aftertaste is quite long. All in al it is à genuine Medoc wine which has lasted this long but can still survive Some more years.

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  • 1966 Château Léoville Las Cases

    Lots of color for a wine as old as this. The nose is immense cedar, cassis and a nose of immense grandeur. The taste is great, a palette of flavors like herbes, spices and some fruit with nice acidity and bitters. After taste is incredible, so beautiful! Now I know why Leoville las Cases has such a good name. And I understand why Michael Broadbent gives this one 4 stars!

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  • 1975 Château Lafon-Rochet

    An intensely beautiful color of a developed wine. The nose has something great like mint, cocoa, leather, vanilla, in short complex and big. The taste is a confirmation of the nose. Cocoa, but then yet even more chocolate. There are still the necessary tannins present but they are beautiful in balance. The aftertaste is long, quite lingering, and beautiful.Saint Estephe at top!

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