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  • Vinnoisseur says:

    6/14/2015 3:45:00 AM - I wonder if the mouthfeel and plumb is coming from the Merlot in the blend. How long do you think the wine will hold up? 36 bottles is quite a few to get through for me �� Hmmm... good question. Usually reserve select aged bottles of wine of either cab or merlot will attribute to the mouthfeel. It gives it that round feeling. I would guess most of the plumb would be coming from the merlot and dark fruit from the cab like blackberries. I think the wine should be drunk from now til the end of the next 2 years. Another year and a half to get rid of some of that lingering tartness. Pretty stable wine and as a weekly drinker it should last awhile. These 3 cases should last me quite a long time as I will pick up other stuff along the way. Savory foods with this wine will knock people off their socks.. lasagna and beef wellington comes to mind. Cheese Ravioli! Have you had this wine yet? thoughts?

  • bluegoose says:

    4/11/2015 5:22:00 AM - Vietty, thanks for the note in regards to the 2012 Mercury Head. I agree that there is no question it can be enjoyed now - I've already gone through at least a 6 pack. I personally prefer more of a hedonistic style with vibrant/deeper/bolder tannins but it has shown on day two that it will soften-up and is quite enjoyable as well for those that prefer that style. Take care.