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  • 2001 Faustino Rioja I Gran Reserva

    Opened. Tasted. Left on counter opened and untouched for...hmmm...was it 2 days or 3? Lord, can't remember at this point so much has passed since then. At least the place was air-conditioned but the darn thing seems to have broken today. Better drink up. Ah, the aromas refresh memories of bygone days or yore in the locker room after a rousing twirl of square dancing in the gym. One almost envies the youth of today, this door or that door? Or, maybe that door. What's behind door number three? But I digress. Locker rooms. On a Friday. Sweaty feet. Socks unwashed for a week. That sickly sweet-sour stench repulsive yet oddly appealing as only unwashed humanity can be. A conundrum of a wine, modern in style yet evoking a distant past you thought you had forgotten, clinging like so much flotsam and jetsam to the ebbing tide of memory, waiting for the right trigger, the sight, the sound, the smell to tickle the right synapses and so become full flush with flowing tide of ocean and shout "Hey, here I am. Remember me? I'm you. I'm your Humanity." It's not a perfect wine by far but it smells and tastes of life and of people, slightly flawed and very likable.

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  • 2012 Trimbach Gewurztraminer

    A little thin compared with vintages from the '70s drunk at the same age but still very nice with typical spice.

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  • 2013 Rivers-Marie Pinot Noir Sonoma Coast

    Delicious. Drink. Straight-up, pure pinot that's a joy to drink now. It will probably age being well balanced with plenty of fruit--though not a cherry-cola fruit bomb--and acid but will it give more pleasure in two or three years? Maybe, but aren't we all a little worn out by deferred gratification? Grab some friends, go on a picnic, pop a couple now!

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