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  • 2012 Anthill Farms Syrah Campbell Ranch Vineyard

    Dead ringer for balthazar challiots. Olive, meat, salt, beautiful black fruit and expressive violet notes.

    Shit dude 26 dollars.

    12/2/1973 dead wharf rat through the rest of the show. simply elegant.

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  • 2012 Anthill Farms Syrah Sonoma Coast

    You start off, alone. You're excited, youthful. Coldsnap groundswell roars up and down the beach. You strip off your trunks and climb into your wetsuit, still salty from last time. Stepping into the water you're surprised by the lightness of the waves, their size a compensation for their power. Light, but with sharp attack.

    As you swim out , you reach mid-break and see the waves exploding on the second, deeper sandbar. You decide to wait and see where to best paddle. You're counting the seconds in between the waves and youre focused and purposeful.

    You wait.

    You wait.

    You lay down and move forward into the waves. Heavy, dense, but still possessing that clarity that only a groundswell produces. You move under the 1st one. Water is colder than you imagined. Something deep is upwelling. You pop up out of the water and see a set approaching. You aim back towards shore and paddle.

    In life, waiting is rewarded immensely. What starts off light, cheery, mundane evolves into a deep, complex, and individual expression.

    Dark fruit, tar, pepper, olive brine, the taste of a freshly scraped arm in your mouth, acid but real acid not lsd, floating, how your daughter looks at you in the eyes. This wine will reward time.

    10/17/77-Wharf Rat. Starts off like any normal WF, but textures and textures of music, psychedelia, and emotion build till the end. Nod to Jer.

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  • 2011 Arnot-Roberts Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains

    Motherfu*king lightning lemon sour zappers mixed sea salt dipped maybe not seasalt but some other mineral rockyness but not like wuss rocky 1 rocky but badass rocky 4 rocky where even tho the russian (drago) beat apollo to dead rocky train hard in russia with pureness that allow him to defeat and make message about glastnost. do you even remember when he drove through that tunnel or when he was training in russia and did those intense sit ups and also ran in front of the car and then ran up the mountain and got to the top and yelled at the top and it made you feel as though even though detroit was failing but we were still ok (i.e., specific metaphor for the pre (and post)-soviet decline of western hedonistic culture and manufacturing prowess we still felt strong and could release movies like gung ho without irony.

    lemon, smoke, salt, acid, crazy good, lip smacking

    Halloween set: crazy, weird, different. your happy, may want to repeat, change "recreation" if needed

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  • IncaRoads says:

    3/18/2014 3:47:00 AM - My favorite vintage for Napa Cabernet: 1997; my favorite year for Phish: 1997. Quel coincidence!

  • IncaRoads says:

    9/10/2013 11:40:00 AM - Lemme know when you crack open a bottle that reminds you of the SPAC Carini from this Summer. A dark, brooding Petite Sirah, perhaps? (But hopefully not so dark and so brooding like the Coventry SOAM so as to completely overwhelm you...) Keep up with the great TN's my brotha!

  • doubledoc says:

    12/10/2012 8:47:00 AM - Yep...PTer under a different handle. Love wine, love phish. HEDONISMBOT

  • junglejuice says:

    12/10/2012 7:40:00 AM - You sir, rule. You bring together two worlds I never saw meeting - fine wine and Phish. From your note describing a wine akin to 12/29/94 to 10/31/98 - I know EXACTLY what you are talking about and makes me want to seek out the wine based on the mood of the show. A+ posting indeed. I would peg you for a PTer - but you may be too polite. My new wine goal - to find to wines worthy of both the Went Gin and Riverport Gin and reflective of each of their styles, and then re-taste them blind! THAT's how you settle a debate. Cheers!

  • pjaines says:

    8/15/2012 9:46:00 AM - Love your tasting notes - your notes have been discussed and praised over on the CellarTracker forum. Check it out under the thread "Tasting Notes to Note"