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  • 2013 Carlisle Syrah Sonoma County

    purple alcohol
    ripe black blue berry deep silk
    is not cool climate

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  • 2013 Arnot-Roberts Pinot Noir Trout Gulch Vineyard

    I took the chickenheads at school during debate class. I think that it was 5th period, but it was one of those days where the classes were swapped so it was really the last class of the day. I was talking to this stuck up girl who was in wonder of the freedom that i represented, but was wary of the potential appearance of waywardness that was commonly associated with my position.

    It came on strong of cranberries and raspberry juice and zippyness and cartoons and fractals and even more acid (self references? fractal. fractals?). flowers and daisys and a meadow but not meadow soprano more like a crown of flowers on a blonde with a white sun dress on. the idea of frebreze because of the purity but not hte chemicals like eidelweiss

    And it was a ocean spray commercial at a dead show and it was scarlet>fire and there was that moment where you looked at the crowd and everyone was shaking their bones at once and there was that synchronicity and you were in the matrix and then your mom found you naked in the backyard before Jon Steryn picked you up for band practice and you had a "lot of explaining to do".

    Stuff's fire, bro.

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  • 2013 Bedrock Wine Co. Heritage Wine Pagani Ranch

    Cut down to size-Rick Moranis
    drank a whole bottle now gimme 8 more glasses
    flavor thick blackberry blueberry pie
    graham nutmeg old vine dust crust
    420 get you high
    tannin monster near
    perfumed nose baking spice
    visine in your eyes now everything is clear
    hut to the right out of sight out of mind
    little old lady baking breads looks behind
    kim kardashian backside top two, too
    but this aint milk its silk
    pour it down your throat
    in your mouth get coat
    so much it fills a moat
    getting ship in a boat
    if you like zinfandel this is for you

    7/1/97-Amsterdam Back of the worm! Read Icculus!

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  • IncaRoads says:

    3/18/2014 3:47:00 AM - My favorite vintage for Napa Cabernet: 1997; my favorite year for Phish: 1997. Quel coincidence!

  • IncaRoads says:

    9/10/2013 11:40:00 AM - Lemme know when you crack open a bottle that reminds you of the SPAC Carini from this Summer. A dark, brooding Petite Sirah, perhaps? (But hopefully not so dark and so brooding like the Coventry SOAM so as to completely overwhelm you...) Keep up with the great TN's my brotha!

  • doubledoc says:

    12/10/2012 8:47:00 AM - Yep...PTer under a different handle. Love wine, love phish. HEDONISMBOT

  • junglejuice says:

    12/10/2012 7:40:00 AM - You sir, rule. You bring together two worlds I never saw meeting - fine wine and Phish. From your note describing a wine akin to 12/29/94 to 10/31/98 - I know EXACTLY what you are talking about and makes me want to seek out the wine based on the mood of the show. A+ posting indeed. I would peg you for a PTer - but you may be too polite. My new wine goal - to find to wines worthy of both the Went Gin and Riverport Gin and reflective of each of their styles, and then re-taste them blind! THAT's how you settle a debate. Cheers!

  • pjaines says:

    8/15/2012 9:46:00 AM - Love your tasting notes - your notes have been discussed and praised over on the CellarTracker forum. Check it out under the thread "Tasting Notes to Note"