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  • 2012 Schrader Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon RBS Beckstoffer To-Kalon Vineyard

    Decanted for 4 hours. Had a small glass. It was ready to go. Should make for a great super bowl wine tonight. Surprisingly easy to drink. Yes some oak but so smooth, full, dark fruits, supple. I have been drinking a lot of Napa 12s and 13s that just aren't ready so was pleasantly surprised how approachable. It does lack some complexity. While it's never going to be a style like first growth boardeaux but it even offers less complexity than a Kapscandy, Dominus, or Blankiet in Napa.

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  • 2013 Bevan Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon McGah Vineyard

    Decanted for 3 hours since this beast is so young. But as many know, Bevan wines are approachable early given the fruit forward style and excellent tannin mgnt. As he said to me a few years ago. What can I say, I just love fruit! Me too. Floral nose and licorice. Very supple mouthfeel as usual. Had it after a glass of 2010 o'shaughnessay Howell Mtn which is one of our favorites and standbys but this thing blew it away. I couldn't go back. These wines continue to be my favorite, unfortunately they are getting expensive to drink weekly!

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  • 2013 Bevan Cellars Syrah Moaveni Vineyard

    Ok, it's a Thursday night and looking to pop the first wine of the week. So went for something different. Decided to try the Syrah. It is worth noting I am not a big Syrah but a huge Russell Bevan fan. PnP and was pleasantly surprised. Very rich, dark, extracted. Not quite syrupy but close. Definitely has that awesome Bevin mouthfeel. Luscious and supple. What is it with his wines? It's so unique and pronounced. I do find the alcohol level to feel high. You feel it on the backend and you feel it in your head after half a glass. I do not recommend operating machinery after a few sips. Half the price of his cans but will drink the cabs all day long!

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