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  • 2002 Château d'Armailhac

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  • 2010 Joseph Balland-Chapuis Coteaux du Giennois Montagne Blanche

    A really delicious wine. Fresh citrus flavours, a touch of pear with a lovely warming acidity and a hint of flint. Went well with a brie-stuffed-chicken with the wine acidic and fresh enough to balance the strong cheese.
    I can't remember when I bought this, or for how much, but I am sure it was a pretty good price, and if it was then it would be very good value. This impressed me.

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  • 2009 Wirra Wirra Cabernet Sauvignon Dead Ringer

    Annoyingly I have somehow lost the notes I made on this when I drank it a week or so ago so this is from a memory. Frustrating as this wine was superb.

    Like a lot of people (?!) I spent the noughties disliking a lot of aussie wine, and then avoiding it. Admittedly this was the cheaper stuff, from wine bars which didn't deserve the name, but it was an education of sorts. Disliking the chardonnays that felt like a 2x4 around the head and the cabernets that tasted like fruit juice I gave them a wide berth for some time. More recently I've been trying to work my way through what I now realise is a much wider and exciting range of wines. (The fact that I know more and can afford more helps..)
    I'm only telling you this in case you have, or had, similar prejudices; if that's the case then this is the wine to dispel them.

    What a superb wine. Delicious dark fruit with a slight hint of spicy pepper to keep it interesting all wrapped around some superbly balanced tannins. Great length that brought out the blackcurrant. I loved it.
    It's not cheap, but franly if you look at what you get for the same money out of the Medoc these days, roll with it.
    It's sowing very well already but I am lead to believe that this will age for a lot longer too. That's not for me to comment but I will be loading up on some to find out.

    Get some and try it. If you like Cabernet, well-made Aussie or Medocs, it's hard to see how you wouldn't find this delicious. I would love to hear the opinion of others who know more about Aussie wines than I do (that is a large group of people..). Please get in touch. - I would love more suggestions like this!!

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