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  • 2010 Domaine Triennes Viognier Sainte Fleur

    I could drink this as my daily summer white. Serve ice cold. It's beautiful with a touch of residual sugar. I get a lot of sweet honeyed apples on the nose that carries through. Deep, flavorful. It paired surprisingly well with Epoisse and Beemster Gouda (not the XO). We had it open for 2 hours before we drank it. Let this one breathe. It will be amazing.

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  • 2007 Barboursville Vineyards Octagon

    Great fruit nose, tasted great at the beginning after about 45 minutes of breathing (no decant, just a tiny pour to check it). After about an hour and a half, it fell off. This particular bottle was wonderfully fruity and a classic Bordeaux style with 7 years of age without the long cellaring of a traditional Bordeaux. It's a great value however, it should be drunk quickly if you have it as the 2007 we had probably would not have lasted another 3 years. Primarily floral and red fruit on the nose with cedar and a good amount of earth, a little residual sweetness without a lot of tannins, not bricked. At the initial sip, a 94 point wine. I couldn't get enough. Surprising amount of sediment at the end, be sure to pour that last glass through a strainer. Otherwise very good with barbecued sauced grilled chicken, baked beans and grilled green beans. After the fall off, it faded a lot so be sure to split this amongst 4+ diners and get it gone quickly. No second lingering glass for anyone.

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  • 2012 Albert Mann Pinot Blanc

    I hate being the first rater. This wine was very pleasant. We had it with a cheese plate: Comte, Cheddar, random salumi, Marcona almonds and spicy olives in brine. I found it lightly fruity. Mostly stoney and not very acidic. It's best served quite cold. We had it out of the cellar lightly chilled and it was ok, not great. It improved a lot after we had it opened and sitting in an ice bucket for a while. The cold amplified the good and lessened the bad for this wine.

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