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  • 2011 Montes Malbec

    2011 Montes Malbec

    I was a little apprehensive to buy this. I've become a bit gun shy of sub $10 wines after a number of disappointments. That said however I am a HUGE fan of Purple Angel by Montes so I decided to give this a shot .. and I'm glad I did!

    For the life of me I can't figure out what I experience on the nose but what I can tell you is that the bouquet is nearly identical to Purple Angel and I love that! If I had to try and describe the nose I would say dried red and blue fruits with hints of rose petal & something earthy like tobacco or cedar. There is something intoxicating about the nose on the Montes wines that is singularly unique to this vineyard.

    Although the taste is where this wine truly shines it does require a disclaimer; Zuperdaave is right .. this does not drink like a Malbec. To me this has very little in common with a traditional Malbec.

    Rather than a Malbec this drinks like a fantastic Carmenere .. it drinks very much like the $60 Purple Angel. Deep in color and flavors this wine is remarkably balanced. There is this terrific balance of dark & blue fruits, cigar box , chocolate and the spiciness of an old vine Zin.

    What I really love about this wine is the finish. It has these fine "grainy " tannins & a subtle minerality that seem to dance on your tongue leaving you wanting the next sip.

    For $10 this is remarkable IMHO.

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  • 2009 Château de Cruzeau

    2009 Château De Cruzeau

    Very interesting to read the tasting notes here! My taste buds must be on the fritz because I thought this was absolutely delicious & bought a case!

    I read the "Pro" reviews and honestly have no idea what linzer torte, damson plums or currant actually taste like... what I can say is this:

    On the nose this wine is smoky with a touch of oak, black fruit and cocoa powder.

    While I read a number of tasting notes that refer to this wine as "thin" or "weak" I found the flavors to be full bodied and layered with flavors of blackberry and black plum as well as subtle flavors of tobacco, oak and vanilla.

    What I liked most is the finish and agree with Tarrant when he says "dusty" tannins. They literally reminded me of powdered cocoa and left that lingering flavor on my lips.

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  • 2009 Balance by Heath Dolan Red Field Blend

    So you might get the idea from my other tasting notes that I like everything I drink .. this is not the case lol.

    I bought the 2009 Balance - Red Field Blend because of the write ups and their organic farming techniques. Unfortunately I intensely dislike this wine.

    I cant get past the nose which honestly smells like they aged this in barrels filled with hay. The aroma was so repugnant to me that we opened up the second bottle thinking the first might have been corked.

    Perhaps the nose disrupted my ability to taste however the wine also tasted like a barn smells. I hate to sound so negative but it was truly overpowering.

    Not something I would purchase again.

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