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  • yogester says:

    7/25/2014 8:53:00 AM - I am intrigued by your note that the Boucherottes you had was corked since it was under DIAM. Please feel free to contact me:- salut at legrappin dot com and I will send you a new bottle or a refund.

  • Wine Gopher says:

    4/20/2013 8:53:00 AM - Monty Vin--Thanks for reaching out. Most of what we have in our cellar in large quantities are from places we visited. Le Cadeau is probably our favorite. It is a really small producer that makes a series of cuvees with different winemakers and they're a really great value. They tend to be a little better with a few years on them. Domaine Drouhin Oregon - their motto says it all "French Soul, Oregon Soil" De Ponte Cellars - Right down the hill from Domaine Serene and Domaine Drouhin. The wines aren't quite as good but you get maybe 90% of the quality for 50%-75% of the price. We're in the (reds only) wine club and one of benefits is that each shipment includes a library selection so you get something ready to drink and they have a really good $21 easy drinker. Penner-Ash - Not cheap but they make some really good single vineyard wines. They tend to be rich and full bodied by Oregon standards. I don't have any on hand right now but I like everything I've had from Patricia Green and St. Innocent. I don't tend to love Beaux Freres, Archery Summit, Ken Wright or Domaine Serene (they make good wines wines but there are much better values in my mind; although if someone else is buying I'm drinking). I've heard great things about Soter, Evening Land and Antica Terra but I haven't tasted anything from them yet. If you have flavor profiles you prefer, Dundee Hills tends to be more red fruit, bright cherry; Chehalem and Ribbon Ridge tend to have some darker fruit profiles.