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  • 2008 d'Arenberg Pinot Noir The Feral Fox

    A single note wine of greenish raspberry. Not any more notable features. I used it for cooking and whilst I suspect the d'Arenberg clan would wish it otherwise, it was moderately well suited to that task.

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  • 2004 Monteviejo Malbec Lindaflor

    Born from a suitably mucky bottle, this wine had integrated the tannins and was scoring high notes of dark cherries and violets. The colour was deep in the body and bright on the rim for what is now a well-aged bottle. The bouquet is a heady one. This had colour and flavour and a luscious body and a reasonable finish. Unfortunately, the strength of the flavours on the palate (and the alcohol?) didn't leave a lot of space for secondary flavours of toast or tar that a well aged Malbec grows into. A solid headbanging wine however.

    ps Cork disintegrated with a screwpull. I note only because I have seen other reviewers comment on it.

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  • 2007 Louis Latour Gevrey-Chambertin

    At least you won't be bothered by the tannins.

    This Latour comes with a pinkish hue, a pleasingly floral nose and not much in the way of legs. The palate was a lean raspberry and a marked lack of tannins. If I was charitable I would say the tannins were 'well integrated', but the truth seems to be they have been absorbed into the greater body of wine. Call the Missing Persons Hotline. The finish was warm and had a modest length.

    This one is done. Time to foist it off onto the in-laws.

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