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  • 2008 Château Carteau Cotes Daugay

    At the age of 5 this wine is still young...and as the matter of fact i think its closed...i didn't think chateau carteau could be closed because this wine has a quality to be good at all time...this is why i love this wine,you don't have to wait decades to take a bottle from the it was good but not super...its very smooth very jammy without the fresh fruit...i remember the pontet canet 2003 some years ago which had the same a different league of course...and another bottle not so long ago transformed the wine into a sexy beast...hmm...i let the wine rest to the age of seven to pop another bottle...

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  • 2006 Arômes de Pavie

    This wine give some impression of the first wine...this is not just a second wine...this is truly something to look out perse is making wines with all the possible he can not make a bad second wine...this wine is very merlot based very easygoing,very smooth but it has also some complexity,a wine to look out for...Maybe the second wines on the right bank are better than on the left bank?

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  • 2004 Château Smith Haut Lafitte

    I begin with a has been over 2 years that i wrote a review...shame on we had a dinner with some neighbours...also winelovers...this wine is truly,madly,deeply...the best wine i drunk this year...when a smith haut lafitte is young its a wine that is very very after almost ten years its still very smooth but it has gained some complexity...some barnyard aromas like some say...choclate...incredible the top right now...this is a gem...unbelievable some reviewers would give these wine within 80 are soooooo wrong....

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