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  • 2007 Realm Cellars The Falstaff

    This was freaking great. Wife loved it as well. No specific notes (as this is all by memory) but the wine has really hit its stride. Really enjoyable and still fairly young. Would love to offer more insight to the wine but was too busy actually enjoying it!

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  • 2013 Dakota Shy Cabernet Sauvignon

    Red and black fruit on the nose with some mocha and oak spice. sweet ripe red fruit on the palate with a med length finish. Some acidity on the back-end and easy drinking. That being said I worry that this is not an ager. There was no REAL backbone to it, unfortunately.

    I mean it's a good enough wine and by no means do I want to knock it but I honestly wasn't wowed by this at all.

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  • 2013 McGah Family Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon Scarlett

    So I bought a couple of bottles of this, based in no small part on friends recommendations and the fact that my daughters name is Scarlett. I hope this bottle is an aberration as the wine I had in no way resembles the wine that has been written about in the notes below.

    Nose of mocha/oak vanilla, red fruits and maybe a liqueur thing going on. HUGE wine on the palate. WAY to big and over extracted. Honestly i couldn't really concentrate on anything else as I was just floored at how overdone this was. I honestly got tired of drinking it after a glass. day 2 showed a little better but not amazing (and maybe that's the problem as I was expecting this to be brilliant.)

    Mike Smith is obviously one of the most talented winemakers around and I really enjoy his wines. I'm going to chalk this up to some randomness and can't wait to try again.

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