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  • flashvictor says:

    7/22/2015 5:08:00 PM - Thanks for invite but I have other plans.

  • bluegoose says:

    4/4/2015 5:48:00 AM - Pretty sad - not much diversification; however, I know what I like. I actually enjoy and appreciate other reds but I do have a preference towards really strong wines with bold tannins and a really deep/long finish that usually comes with quality cabs. I will definitely keep your offer in mind. Take care.

  • Harley1199 says:

    1/9/2014 12:42:00 AM - Well done michigan dogs, I am glad you enjoyed your visit. Priorat is always on my mind but have to reconize my style is closer to Rioja that's why I commented your kind TN cause it's a pity, in my unrefined opinion, as a spanish wine lover you're missing something...that's all By the way Rioja, and many other regions , worths a visit, I promisse :-) Take care with snow these days! Cheers!

  • bestdamncab says:

    5/26/2013 7:12:00 AM - I once lived on Pickering Road in 1957. My Dad went to U of Michigan and played in the band. Seen Maize and blue in 5 rose bowl games.