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  • curtr says:

    12/3/2014 6:00:00 AM - It is lucky you caught this corked bottle early. My experience is opening a bottle that I have stored for 20 plus years to find that it is corked. My other issue is with white Burgundy. I recently opened the first bottle of a case of 2004 William Fevre "Les Clos" Chablis Grand Cru to find the wine had premature oxidation and was dead. I have found two somewhat OK bottles out of the four that I have tried. I will probably never find a great bottle in this case. I should have tried a bottle after 4 years to test the case. I no longer buy more than 3 or 4 bottles of white Burgundy from a producer and I always drink them young. I miss the days of drinking older white Burgundy. Luckily, 98% of the wine I drink is red.

  • bugdoced says:

    11/30/2014 5:55:00 PM - opened a mark ryan red mountain tonite in honor of you friending me unfortunately corked ugh cheers bugdoced

  • Motz says:

    12/16/2013 1:33:00 PM - Hello Curtr. I know from reading your notes that you appreciate Red Moutnain wines. Barrister has released a stunner, comprised mostly of Tapteil fruit, in their 2010 Red Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon. It is priced under $40, and therefore a ridiculous value. Cheers!