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  • dayoff53 says:

    11/21/2011 8:03:00 PM - Hi, Brad! I just looked at my profile for the first time in a year or more and saw your post. I am interested in tasting wines - and I have a friend or two who taste with me occasionally. I am NOT an experienced oenophile, as I have just been drinking and enjoying wine for 6 years or so but if you are putting something together sometime, sure!

  • hoonan says:

    10/20/2011 10:16:00 AM - Hi Brad, Sorry I didn't see your message sooner. I actually don't visit the BETA version of cellartracker very often. I would definitely be interested in getting together. I moved back to Boise a few months ago after living in Portland the last several years. Are you in the business? If so, we might already know each other.

  • Jimbot says:

    4/25/2010 5:48:00 PM - CSW stands for Certified Specialist of Wine... a post-nominal acquired by passing the CSW exam held by the Society of Wine Educators. It's sort of a popular thing to go for before sitting for the sommelier exams... which I'm beginning next month! Wish me luck!