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  • Sundesertcactus says:

    1/13/2013 9:17:00 PM - Thanks for the tip about the wine. Did you know the history behind "Notorious"? It is play on words, No Torri Us. I almost picked up a bottle of Notorious at Vineopolis yesterday so it was funny to find your note when I got back from Vineopolis.

  • pinothoarder says:

    1/12/2013 11:59:00 PM - If you like that ’06 Patricia Green Notorious PN, you should check out the 1999 Torii Mor, Balcombe. Patricia Green cut her wine-making teeth at Torii Mor in the late ‘90s and one of the best wines that she ever made there was called the “Balcombe Vineyard”; the same vineyard that the fruit for the PG “Notorious” comes from. There’s 1 left on sale at the web site; I just bought 3 after I read your tasting review; thanks for reminding me.