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  • 2008 Vinicola L.A. Cetto Nebbiolo Private Reserve

    A bit of a punt into the vinous unknown...
    The wine has plenty of depth/youth to the colour - very much more purple than say a typical Italian Nebbiolo, and with no hint of orange at the rim.

    Youthful, but varietally correct on the nose, though on opening it was a little muted, but opened up with a cherry-accented creosote-like aspect (not dissimilar to some new vintage Barbaresco/Barolo).

    On the palate, there is a noticeable silkiness to the palate, along with leather, that initially overpowered the fruit making it a little broad, but the fruit did emerge, and the acid is just about the level I'd want o ensure it remained refreshing and lifted it away from blandness. Chunky tannins add to a rather 'four-square' impression. This would be worth trying to cellar a little longer, though the balance for success in doing so isn't certain to me.

    Overall a very creditable effort, especially considering the price. I've certainly tasted many Langhe Nebbiolo wines that were less interesting than this.

    As the tannins are still a little chunky, I'd lean towards red meat / BBQ to go with this.

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  • 2010 San Patrignano Sangiovese di Romagna Riserva Avi

    Less impressed by this, than previous vintages. Some nice smokiness /grip but the fruit seems to be overpowered by the oak. Letting the other bottles rest to see where they go.

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  • 1996 Poderi Luigi Einaudi Barolo Nei Cannubi

    Relatively youthful claret-red colour of decent depth. Not much age showing at the rim.

    Spicy & wood/smoke edged on the nose, but with rich fruit sitting below. Swirling brings it into a more appealing balance.

    Still some structure on the palate with firm acidity and residual yet still grippy tannins. Lither red fruits still in good shape and some aged complexity emerging. Overall not a big wine, though the remaining structure still makes it a little tight. Must have been quite a beast 5-10 years ago.

    The future? Still good prospects and I might hold off opening another for a couple of years.

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