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  • Wine-Strategies says:

    1/31/2015 10:29:00 AM - Hi, Peter. Still trying to figure a way back to the East Coast (my roots), and into one of the central NJ offlines. If you're ever out this way, you're always welcome here. winestrategies at gmail dot com ciao,

  • PBM says:

    1/11/2013 5:54:00 PM - Sounds like a fun time. Saturday nights are always tough for me but make sure you let me know the date. If I can be there, I will be!

  • cjsavino says:

    1/10/2013 5:04:00 PM - Trying to get together in February, Dominic is now engaged to Cate so we want to celebrate. Novita in Edison, NJ on a Saturday night, date not finalized yet.