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  • 2004 McCarthy & Schiering Cabernet Sauvignon

    Opened and poured. This wine still has good dark ruby color in the glass with some bricking on the edge. The fruit is reemerging after being very subdued over the past several years - nice dark berries & plum, smoke and cedar. High alcohol notes have noticed in prior tastings has faded back leaving moderate acid (lower on the cab scale perhaps than i would normally like) and smooth tannins. This would pair nicely with a beef dish now..but drink if holding - should be good through 2018

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  • 2007 Grand Rêve Vintners / Force Majeure Syrah Collaboration Series III Ciel du Cheval Vineyard

    Opened & decanted 90 minutes, returned to the bottle for 30; dark purple in the glass. Wonderful nose of blueberry/blackberry, smoke, & coffee. This is a big wine, and still young, but also very well balanced with nicely integrated tannins and an abundance of fruit after sufficient (almost required at this point) air. On the palette - more blueberry, blackberry, plum layered with spice, coffee, smoke and a light backnote that reminds me of buffalo jerky all melded into a truly amazing syrah. The finish is long and smooth leaving the mouth coated in spiced blueberry.

    Tasted blind in a syrah event, this Grand Reve came in #2 behind a smoking Grange - if you can find it - buy it. World class at a fraction of the price.

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  • 2007 Cayuse Syrah En Cerise Vineyard

    Opened and 90 minutes air in the bottle. Dark, rich purple. Cherry, cherry, green olives and smoke blended in with a distinct coffee note on the nose. I did not recall the coffee note from earlier tastings - a nice surprise. Pretty much the same on the palette - this is a big syrah - not a surprise given the winemaker but unlike some of his efforts this is very nicely balanced & well integrated start to finish - a long wonderful finish btw.

    Note to self - this wine needs food - meat to be precise. This was blind in a shiraz/syrah tasting & showed well vs the Aussies. Note to all - Also in the tasting was the '07 Grand Reve Collab III syrah which blew it's doors off at less than half the price - hint, hint!

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