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  • 2005 Domaine Fourrier Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru Combes aux Moines Vieille Vigne

    Decanted to throw the CO2. Beautiful ruby, maybe a little darker than other young Fourriers I've had. Big fruity nose, mingling with noticeable earthy reduction. After twenty minutes it settled and showed somewhat ripe mixed fruit, but plenty bright and fresh. The palate had verve and was mostly primary but showed great promise. I feel that I could sense the potential, waiting to develop. This was as fresh and wondrous as any other natural wine I've enjoyed.

    I love Fourrier wines at all ages. I recently enjoyed a 1993 CSJ, but can't hang onto the village wines and drink them whenever temptation strikes if they are within reach. But I've kept my hands off the young 1er's until now. In all honesty, this wine was the best young version I've had, but recent GC VV's give 90% of the pleasure at 25% of the price. Despite the positive experience, I'm burying the remaining bottles. Why did I kill this one? It was my last drink before Sober October, and that seemed a good enough excuse to me. A

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  • 1991 E. Guigal Côte-Rôtie La Turque

    Dark red, little bricking. A modern syrah nose, plenty of dark fruit, relatively clean, not very much bacon. Very concentrated, very youthful, somewhat oaky. This wine was ripe, and good, if somewhat obvious. Paled next to the 1978 La Chapelle it was served with. Which is unfair. I like it, but not worth the current cost. I'll go with A- and not buy any more.

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  • 1998 Domaine G. Roumier / Christophe Roumier Bonnes Mares

    Served blind. Mixed berry nose, just developing tertiary notes. I have never had a Roumier Bonnes Mares before, and the mouthfeel was just remarkable. Super-fine tannins. Very silky, but no lack of body. Super silk. Past Roumiers (village through Ruchottes) all had more sap than this bottle, so I was surprised by the maker, as I thought that was his signature. This is still youthful and has many years to go. But it sure was great today. Grade: A+

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