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  • 2013 Lindemans Chardonnay Bin 65

    Fairly basic Chardonnay without a lot of varietal character, but not bad, really. Medium color, faint nose. Mainly green apple flavors on the palate with a very high degree of acidity that lends it a little too much tartness. A little oak comes through on the finish, along with a just a smidgen of bitterness. Light-bodied and (aside from the tartness previously mentioned) a fairly neutral wine. Can't really fault this too much at the price level ($4.44), but for a couple of dollars more you can take a big step up in quality.

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  • 2012 Masseria del Feudo Sicilia Il Giglio

    This wine is medium-colored with a rather light, minty nose. Gives up a lot of blackberry and dark fruit on the plate. Firm tannins and a high level of acidity. Long finish. Lots of subtle flavors come through at the end, such as leather and tobacco. A very nice, balanced example of Nero D'Avola with a modest (12.5%) alcohol content. This wine is easy drinking and quite tasty.

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  • 2012 Bodega Mustiguillo Mestizaje

    A big, bold wine that is still soft and approachable. Very dark color with a fruity, woody nose. Fairly low acidity, but deep flavors of dark fruit over firm tannins. Nice blackberry notes on the finish. Because this lacks acidity, I think it tastes best slightly chilled. If you like California Petite Sirah, you will like this. Good value.

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