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Member since May 2008

Locale: Springfield, Missouri, USA
Favorite region: West coast
Dream wine: To make a wine at Crushpad.
My name is Tyler Jolley. Welcome to my GrapeStories profile. I have been dealing with fine wines everyday all day long for over 10 years now. In the position I am in, I taste many wines on a daily basis. In my tasting notes you will see that I specify decanting time, sometimes showing tasting notes for each hour the wine is open to try and pass on how long each wine should breathe prior to drinking so that others can experience the wine at its full potential. I also specify the size and type of glass that I use due to me noticing inconstancies in tasting notes because of glass variation. I always use a 28 OZ Riedel Bordeaux, or 28 OZ Spegelau Bordeaux glass because I feel this size and shape of this glass allows me to get the most out of every red wine that I taste.

There are many wines I've had, not listed on CT.
I am just now starting to log every wine I taste. It is not uncommon for me to try up to 30 new wines in one day, and if I do, usually my time is too limited to write elaborate tasting notes.

  • NV Grand Mayan Tequila Ultra Aged

    I heard critics stress to try in a cognac class, so I used the CAMUS xo borderies specific glass, which was not impressive for this tequila, through trial and error, I have found that a 25 oz Bordeaux Riedel glass made this tequila show its full potential. In other words, this glass allows the tequila's aromas to line up with its flavor profile, and make little alcohol presence.

    On the nose
    Milk chocolate, nuts, and caramelized sugar.
    The palate matches the aroma profile very well,
    Chocolate, nuts caramel, hint of sweet, then fades into a nice peppered finish.

    if I could describe this tequila in 2 words it would be, "Snickers candybar"

    If you can find it, try it.
    This is a scary tequila, too easy to drink, be careful.

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  • 2011 Bourgeois Pig Vin de Pays d'Oc

    25oz Riedel bordeaux
    Upon opening.
    On the nose: Hints of floral arrangements, tart and ripe red cherries, cinnamon, and spices.
    On the palate, slightly tart red fruits burst on the palate accompanied by firm tannins, which then fades to a riper fruit char actor loaded with great minerality.

    As the wine opens up over the coarse an hour in a decanter, you will receive a greater concentration in aroma the tannins level off, the minerality softens, leaving you with a very soft and elegant, true to the region French wine at an "Americanized" price point.

    This Rivals many Rhone style blends at twice the price.

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  • 2010 Cline Cellars Mourvedre Ancient Vines

    Not as violently flavorful as the past Cline vintages, aroma and flavor profile its muted, still tasty, keep in mind this is at opening, I will reevaluate in 1 hour after decanting

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  • TJolley says:

    4/26/2010 7:43:00 AM - Here is the official announcement: I will be pursuing my passion for wine. Diamond Ridge Market was a tremendous opportunity for me, in the creation of a successful wine venue. I have resigned from my position, as I will be moving on to a much larger scale operation. I have been offererd a tremendous job from the top selling wine establishment in all of Missouri. I will be managing and in control of nearly 5,000 wines at the the Macadoodles that is opening up in Republic, Mo.

  • TJolley says:

    4/18/2010 9:16:00 AM - Just a little story from a day in my Wine Life. -4-18-10- It was my friend Clints Birthday, He has always been fascinated with the 2005 Anamorphosis Shiraz. If you haven't seen how its packaged its in a box that almost looks like a gun case. He has seen this wine on display many times and has always talked about how bad he wants one. Everyone put some money together and got one for him, here is where it gets funny. Inside the poster was left in, but we took out the chrome bottle and put a closeout bottle of Crane Lake in where that Shiraz originally sat. The look on his face was priceless. We did this at a restaurant, and when we put it all together to show friends what it was all about, this thing drew attention from every person that was left in the restaurant.

  • sossher says:

    4/16/2010 9:46:00 AM - Tyler - It sounds like you have not had an opportunity to make wine at Crushpad. I would highly recommend it. I have been part of a group of friends that made a Cab/Bordeaux blend in 2008 and a Syrah in 2009. Making the wine with friends makes a lot of sense, as it makes it more affordable for each person in the group, and you don't end up with too much of any one type of wine. I can honestly say that I have learned a huge amount about making wine through my experiences with Crushpad. Keep us posted on your new opportunity - it sounds intriguing!

  • TJolley says:

    4/13/2010 5:01:00 PM - I will be starting a new business adventure 4-23-2010. In July 2007 I was propositioned to create a fine wine shop called the Diamond Ridge Market. This has been a great opportunity for me and has been in successful operation for 3 years now, holding record sales each month that passes by. I created an elite list of about 600 different wines, and have about 30 wines open to taste on a daily basis. I have always kept Bryant family and many other rare cult wines in stock, down to entry level wines skipping wines found in grocery stores, but showing exceptional quality for the price. This has been a difficult decision considering the amount of time and dedication I have put into it, but I have been propositioned a new rare opportunity that will take my wine experiences to the next level. Stay tuned.

  • afterthewave says:

    4/7/2010 2:17:00 PM - I know little of wines from North America. Is there a northern Californian or Oregon Pinot Noir you would recommend? Tony

  • TJolley says:

    4/2/2010 11:02:00 PM - Lots of wine tried today, too many, and too little time to write elaborate notes, the gems of the line up will be fully reviewed at a later date.

  • TJolley says:

    4/2/2010 3:43:00 PM - Today, met with Ken, representative of Advantage wine Group and tried a great line up of value priced wines. Also met with Josefa Concannon with the Northwest Core Collection and tried some good Oregon releases.

  • TJolley says:

    3/31/2010 10:42:00 AM - Will be having a wine dinner tonight, featuring Dunn's "Feather" Cabernet out of Washington. Along with several others.

  • TJolley says:

    3/25/2010 1:32:00 PM - Prepaired the 417 Cooking Class tasting for April, 417 Magazine. I will be teaming up with Avanzare, pairing 4 wines with 4 courses.

  • TJolley says:

    3/25/2010 1:23:00 PM - Met with Lee Ried today from Appellations LLC and tried a great line up of wine. Many French whites and reds.

  • TJolley says:

    3/25/2010 1:21:00 PM - Tonight I will be hosting a formal, blind tasting of the following: 2008 J Pinot Gris Russian River Valley-- 2008 Pacific Rim Riesling Columbia Valley (Organic)-- 2007 Chateau Chateau Skulls R Wines-- 2006 Bodegas San Alejandro Garnacha Calatayud Las Rocas Viņas Viejas-- 2007 Cline Live Oak Zinfandel-- 2008 Stump Jump Shiraz-- 2007 Charles & Charles Red-- I have 50 people so far down on the reservations

  • TJolley says:

    3/22/2010 3:07:00 PM - I will be meeting with a regional representative from Old Bridge Cellars tonight. Will have some great wines to record later this evening.

  • TJolley says:

    3/10/2010 6:38:00 PM - I will be meeting with the regional representative for The Grateful Palate Imports tomorrow morning, Should be some great wines logged by tomorrow afternoon.

  • TJolley says:

    3/7/2010 1:48:00 PM - Testing Beta version of