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  • 1945 Château Cheval Blanc

    The Pavie Prince gives this wine 100 points. Superlative wine in all contexts. Company was amazing as well Bottle was top shoulder filled and foil wrapper completely intact with some evidence of oxidation on visual inspection

    I am typing this note as Led Zeppelins' "Since I have been loving you" is playing in the distance. Nothing could be more appropo. This bottle has transfixed me and the person I gave it to for some time. I got a long note about this wine from its original owner because it was the source of some worry for her. When I was fortunate to recieve my wine as a gift from a a special lady I opened many of the older cases I got and this bottle for me always looked the coolest because it was stained in a very famous fire in LA. The wine was felt by its owner to be damaged. I had this one bottle removed fromt he case and sent to the chateau circa 2000 to be checked and recorked. It was sent back with a small note. The bottle was in perfect condition and the cork was prisitine and needed no work. 9 yrs later and many moves under my ownership I decided to give this bottle to a family member to open and drink. I had the bottle engraved with 24 kt gold to commemorated the occasion. Interestingly, the bottle was so old engraving it was very hard to do because the glass of the forties was so unstable.

    The wine was presented to Steve and I opened it personally because of my own concerns with the cork. The cork came out without any issues. Not bad for a 64 yr old masterpiece. I poured the contents directly into a massive Reidel decanter and aerated the wine. The aroma was intoxicatingly good. So powerful, yet so earthy and leathery initially. I remember looking at the wine in color and thinking I have never seen a wine this dark. It was darker than the darkest Malbec. The initial aroma was robust and harsh but as the wine sat it changed and became explosive for me. We let it sit while we killed an 83 Margaux first. That wine was superb in its own right but this one for me took me to heights I have been too few times in my wine life before.

    After a few days I realized I had to make room in my top five wines of all time. Mind you this rarely happens. This wine was that good. I think the company with me, who taste her, will agree. It was a wine that will make you remember her.

    The wine made me forget the train of thought i was on. It seemed to control all my brain in using the perceptions of smell and taste to describe it. The first taste was dominated by leathery smooth cassis, berry fruit with earthen tones. I remember thinking it was almost like port in silkiness and sweetness. The tannins were perfectly muted for its age. The complexity was obvious and required me to write down my thoughts right after I got home. I remember feeling my mouth was full of a large body godess of juice infused wit spices, mustard, raisin, prune and raspbery. I got crushed gravel, grass, citrus and mocha in th emid palate. The ending of this beauty was toe curling for me. Very long and complex yet light on her feet as she dazzled me with elegance, balance, structure, and unforgettably in every way. Silky smooth and very long. This had a perfect coda for me. The only bad part of this bottle was that we ran out. Absolutely stunning wine with amazing complexity and depth of fruit. A real pleasure to to taste and share on an amazing day of quan. My heart was drenched in this wine. We finished the night with a 95 D'yquem that was also great but my heart is still lusting for one more taste of her again.

    reposted from facebook wine notes. photo of bottle uploaded

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  • 1959 Château Pape Clément

    1959 was an underated vintage but heralded by very ripe sweet fruit in the wines. The vintage was especially good on the left bank and in the Graves regions. The Graves classification came into being in 1958 and 1959. This 1959 showed nicely. The bottle was in larger format in 6L at Bern's steakhouse for the Super Bowl. The aroma was fabulous, cedarish, with overwhelming berry fruited sweetness classic of the 59 Vintage. Secondaries were incense burnt with a bloody prime rib type character. The palate has beautiful sweet fruit still, and terrific integration with the spicy, pencil-shaving qualities, the tight, fine tannins and lovely supporting acid structure. really nice bottle and wish i would have gotten to keep the bottle.

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  • 1964 Château Gruaud Larose

    This wine is a second growth wine from St Julien that comes from a very ordinary vintage year in bordeaux. It was made from 57% Cabernet, 30% Merlot, 7% Cab Franc, 4% Petit verdot, and 2% Malbec. The wine was opened at Bern's steakhouse for a Superbowl gathering of some fine folks and a group who was rather forgetable. The company was clearly mixed. The wine was opened in old school fashion by the sommeilier with candle lit decantation. The format was 6L and it was very impressive table side view. The wine was served to me and i immediately was taken aback by the wine's aroma. It was unpleasant brett that soon burned off with time and swirling in the glass. Color was tough to assess totally because of the poor lighting in Bern's. The wine came off with a flat taste and it was clearly thin and had a lack of acidity. The wine was passed its prime but with time it became more friendly. The smell i never found pleasant. I did not find many secondaries and I might have suffered from palate fatigue since e had tasted close to 50 wines over the last 6 days. I loved the manner in which the wine was presented but the juice was rather ordinary. I did keep this bottle for decoration.

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