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Member since August 2008

Locale: Santa Barbara, California, USA
Favorite region: Loire Valley, Piedmont, Santa Barbara

  • 2010 Flying Goat Cellars Pinot Noir 2A Rio Vista Vineyard

    This bottle was definitely not right, though it's hard to peg the exact flaw. Nose of strawberries and raspberries, attack starts on a similar vein. The wheels come flying off on the finish, which is unpleasant, bitter and aggressive like cheap liquor. Possibly a case related to 'mousy taint', which manifests when saliva raises the pH of the wine, given the flavor and inner aromas became worse and worse on the finish.

    I'm giving the benefit of the doubt and flagging it as flawed, but it's concerning a wine that didn't show any outward signs of poor storage had a serious bacteria/yeast bloom in-bottle. This was shipped in cool weather and has been temperature controlled since. Even if storage was not ideal during initial distribution, it's concerning the wine lacked stability to hold up.

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  • 2012 Nittnaus Blaufränkisch Kalk und Schiefer

    Blackcurrant, compost, cranberry, lead pencil. Interesting mix of dark fruit, red fruit and vegetative characteristics, reminds me much of a Loire Cab Franc. However, the fruit is slightly darker, tobacco is more in the background, the palate is silkier, and the acidity, while still medium/high, is less pronounced than a typical entry level Loire CF. Good weight, more cranberry on the palate, soft tannins and a lovely mix of fruit and herbs on the finish. Not necessarily deep or profound, but really hits the sweet spot in terms of ripeness and accessibility.

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  • 2012 Foggy Veil Wines

    Like an early-drinking Cotes du Rhone in weight and structure, but with CA fruit. Not much tannin, though the acidity brings nice balance. Mostly black cherry/blackberry, not roasted or heavy, and set apart by the savory, bacony Syrah character on both the nose and attack. The umami on the attack is tasty, though there isn't much to the finish. Not an ager, though the balance should keep it in good shape for at least a few years.

    Interestingly, the cork has Foggy Veil inscribed, and usually private label brands go with a generic cork. Makes me wonder if this was originally intended as a TJs private label.

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