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  • 2013 Forlorn Hope Riesling Amerikanischen Kobold

    Pop & pour. Clear light gold. An inspiring effort from Kick-On ranch. This is an excellent example of what American Riesling can be. No need to analyze what German/Alsatian/Austrian influence is there, this is Santa Barbara County Riesling. The fruit is on the light side, but the tension with the huge acid here is palpable immediately. Fresh and crisp in the mouth. This begins with a bracing citrus & a drying minerality emerges and takes over the palate.

    This is a nimble & graceful wine. Perhaps it is the hot summer night that makes it so appealing, but it has that dry Riesling quality which for me makes me sip carefully so I don't miss any of the hidden aspects as the wine warms & breathes. We paired this with braised chicken in a puttanesca style sauce. This played off the acidity in the tomatoes, earthiness of artichokes and olive brininess brilliantly. Kick-On Ranch is a fantastic site for Riesling and Forlorn Hope continue to show what they do with unexpected varieties from unexpected places.

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  • 2011 Foradori

    Pop & pour. Glass staining violet & red. Wines like this are important to a dinner table. This brings a rustic serious nature, but with a slight chill makes for a relaxing drink on the patio. The balance here is something to behold. Enough fruit to add dimension to a rich braised lamb dish, but a tannic backbone which counters the fattiness in the meat and keeps it from becoming one dimensional. The body is certainly full, and this brings some richness to the palate, it retains an energetic acidity that made it difficult to sip rather than gulp.

    This moved from interesting to fascinating over the course of the evening and especially on day 2. Initially this showed much higher toned red fruit and an apricot character which defied the color and appearance of the wine. It subtly transitioned to a much more savory, brininess which mixed with the grip of the tannins showed the unique achievement in this wine.

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  • 2013 Alessandro e Gian Natale Fantino Langhe Rosso dei Dardi

    Transparent light ruby. Looks more like Pinot than Nebbiolo. All stainless, no oak. This needed about 30 minutes in glasses to open up. This is a different take on Nebbiolo. One meant for early consumption & can be served with lighter fare. Certainly tannic, but in excellent balance with the bright cherry fruit & lively acid. This gets a sweeter layer to the fruit as it takes on air, but remains pure & clean. This has a refreshing dryness and is served quite well with a slight chill.

    This wine shines brightest with some Sopressata and Piave. The salinity with the food brings forward a truffle-like quality. I appreciate the lightness and ease of this wine on a hot summer night and I know more light examples of Nebbiolo are out there and ultimately I am motivated to seek out others. I was left longing for a bit more dimension to this one though.

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