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  • 2013 Titus Sauvignon Blanc Andronicus

    Translucent straw in the glass with a nose of lime and honeysuckle. On the palate, the wine is fruit forward with the same lime and honeysuckle as well as honeydew melon. The mid-palate is creamy and the wine has a lengthy, peach-infused finish. It's perfectly integrated now, and lacks the acid for the cellar long haul; so, drink up now. Like all of the Titus-made wines, this is outstanding and fairly priced.

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  • 2012 Vaughn Duffy Syrah Two Vineyards

    The label on the 2012 Syrah from Vaughn Duffy, which I recently tasted, does not mention "two vineyards, so it's possible that these tasting notes apply to a different wine.

    The wine is inky in the glass with a redolent nose of blackberry, leather and musk. In the glass, the wine is fruit-forward and full-bodied with the same blackberry, leather and musk, as well as kirsch and licorice. It has a lengthy oak and saline-infused finish. Another example of just how subjective tasting can be. Another taster described this wine as Shiraz-like. This Syrah Noir (a Syrah clone) was blended with Viognier skins and in my opinion has a flavor much profile closer to a Northern Rhone from a warmer vintage than anything from down under. An outstanding effort and at approx. $25 per bottle, the wine has a great QPR.

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  • 2012 Prisoner Wine Company Merlot Thorn

    This full-throttle effort is darkest garnet, almost inky in the glass. It offers concentrated aromas and flavors of vanilla, blackberry compote and toasted oak. It's tannins are relatively smooth, and the finish comes up a wee bit short, suggesting to me that it will not improve much, if any, in the cellar. So, drink up now. After popping and pouring, my initial impressions of the wine were actually negative. In particular, I found the vanilla and toasty oak flavors over-powering and the wine itself about as complex as the equation 2+2=4. I tasted the wine 24hrs later, however, and found these aromas and flavors to have dissipated somewhat, or otherwise integrated with the other elements of the wine, revealing additional layers of fruit and tannins, and a pleasant cedar finish. Accordingly, I increased my initial score from an unimpressive 80 to an 88 Give this wine plenty of air before imbibing. Addendum, 48 hrs. after opening and exposure to O2, I detected no deterioration; accordingly, this wine may be a candidate for shorter-term cellaring.

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  • Motz says:

    3/17/2014 10:33:00 AM - Good morning Dagalaifus. Because we both appreciated the Ex Umbris, I thought to let you know about this WA Syrah. 2011 Robert Ramsay Cellars Syrah Red Heaven Vineyard. I reviewed it. All seven of the Ramsay wines were wonderful. I rarely score every wine in a flight above 90 points; these wines merited it though.

  • ChrisinSunnyside says:

    3/18/2013 2:41:00 PM - Longshadows Pedestal is one of best Merlots in new world. Someo thers are a bit cheaper from small producers, but at $50 it outshines Leonetti ,for my palate.

  • ChrisinSunnyside says:

    3/17/2013 4:51:00 PM - BTW, Linda at Wine Closet has a great palate ands sources great wine from Central Coaast. I've pushed her to get more WA/OR wine, but here distributers are pretty limited it seems. Cheers!

  • ChrisinSunnyside says:

    3/17/2013 4:49:00 PM - Hey Dag! Small world hunh? Corliss is really good stuff, I've tasted a couple of times , had a bottle of the CAb I lost/donated in the CT fantasy football league :). Great seeing tyou in Camarillo! Cheers! Chris