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  • 1997 Harlan Estate

    Well, thanks to a friend this was my first taste of Harlan. Since I have not had any experience with past bottles vintages etc I will not score but I will give my limited opinion.
    First the color, dark as night. Smell was of dark fruit to me . The taste well thats a little harder for me to describe but a toss between blackberry,in a jammy kinda way like smuckers boysenberry . It took awhile to
    Open up in the glass as my first taste made my tongue pucker up. It was real smooth . I will admit I'm glad I didn't spring for the bottle as I would have been a little disappointed. It's not something
    I would buy even if I could afford it. I feel when you hit a certain price range QPR goes out the window so I wont go there . It was good but not the Holy Sh@t good I was expecting . People talk about that perfect bottle
    That opened their mind and left them speechless with a big grin on their face. Thats a little more than I was expecting but I definitely wasn't expecting ehhh its good but really how much ?

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  • 2007 Domaine La Garrigue Côtes du Rhône Cuvée Romaine

    Holy Fizz Batman.... Oh well at least the other two were ok last year. Major Veggie taste , ran through vintouri, waited an hour no luck. Willy Wonkas Bottlecaps

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  • 2005 Two Hands Shiraz Bella's Garden

    Popped and poured. Started out spicy and lots of berry with the alcohol showing. After an hour it opened up and became smoother and the alcohol became less apparent. Not a fuit bomb
    but def new world. It got better as the meal went on . Probably not worth the 54 bucks but was a good wine if you like that style of shiraz. I have had more over the top fruit punch than this from
    down under so I guess not a bad effort overall.

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