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Member since February 2009

Real name: Josh Woodward
Locale: Findlay, Ohio, USA
Favorite region: Rioja, Burgundy, Sonoma/RRV, Pacific Northwest, New Zealand
Dream wine: 1990 Monte Bello
I'm a musician (, software engineer, and wine geek.

My tastes have been trending toward the old world style lately. I love Rioja, Burgundy, Rhone, German Rieslings, and dessert wines (especially Tokaji). I also have New World soft spots for Oregon and Russian River Pinot, New Zealand Sauv Blancs and Pinot, and even a nice juicy Cali Syrah now and then. I don't tend to enjoy Shiraz or anything jammy. I also tend to like my wines toward the later ends of their lives.

For consumed bottles, we tend to go through a half-bottle a night, funneling the other half into a beer bottle, vacuum pumping it, and sticking it in the fridge until the next night. If the wine improves, I'll bump the score up, otherwise, I'll keep it the same.

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  • Ombibulous says:

    10/4/2014 5:01:00 PM - Hi Josh. I'm from Michigan. I saw your note on a wine and was led to your tasting notes and saw that you had tried some Ohio wines that you liked. I like trying wines from different states. I may make a trip to Ohio to buy and to try some wines. Not sure if I will just buy it from stores or go to wineries. Possibly first try stores in Toledo. Can you recommend any stores? Can you recommend particular producers? Do you know if there are any decent wineries in northwest Ohio, say within an hour or two of Toledo? Thanks, Tim.

  • dhuber58 says:

    9/7/2013 8:19:00 AM - Hi Josh - It looks like we have very similar wine tastes. I would add on my part the wines from Paso Robles which I discovered not too long ago. I red your review on the Gewurztraminer from Alsace. I was just there recently and brought a few bottles back. I paid $35 in France. I am impressed you got your for $22 and not having to drag it back on a plane. Can you may be let me know where you got it from? Thank you. Didier