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  • BuzzzzOff says:

    7/28/2015 4:50:00 AM - Hi Frank. Very much appreciated your comment about yourself and agree wholeheartedly about changing palates. What we thought 15+ years ago when we started sipping and the places into which we parachute now are very much different. Makes life fun. Tonight, we are visiting Somontano (we actually visited the place before) at home with two Enate whites and four reds. Watch this space...

  • Charlie Carnes says:

    3/21/2015 1:14:00 PM - Hi Frank, I agree with your thoughts on Rhys re: customer service. The real question... when are we going get our "fragile" palates together?

  • haldolugr says:

    4/16/2014 4:54:00 PM - Frank - thanks for the comment on my tasting note. Will be interested to see your notes on the the wine once you open it.

  • jeagle says:

    4/4/2014 8:32:00 AM - Thanks for the comment. I would be interested in your assessment of the wine. I have been disappointed with all four of the Carlisle wines I have tasted from this vintage and am used to receiving comments from offended fans. Uh oh. I just noticed the magnum of Carlisle in your posted picture. Hey, I was a Santa Ana Saint.

  • short and confused says:

    11/17/2013 9:56:00 PM - Hi Frank, Very cool that you have been spending some time in Boston recently! I live a block from Boston but work on the South Shore, close to Marshfield. I head out your way in December for a few weeks to see family and friends. I love your notes and will continue to enjoy your reflections. Great work. Justin

  • stubbie999 says:

    6/22/2013 12:11:00 AM - Hi Frank - While I've been a CT user for a while now, I'm only just figuring out the social component of the new version. Comments and message boards and all that. I appreciate your notes a ton, and it seems like we travel some of the same paths- it's rare I find someone else's cellar I'd be as happy drinking through as my own. I encourage you to open that Wind Gap Mourvedre - it's really surprising, and I don't say that about a wine very often. I did get another couple bottles on the way from Pam and Pax, but they did mention that it's almost gone. Best, Marc

  • apspr says:

    5/1/2013 7:28:00 PM - Hi Frank, I thought about you and our previous correspondence as I was writing this note. Now that I have I looked at what others have written in the last few weeks, you should probably take what I said with a big grain of salt. For all I know this bottle was just a little off, and the wine is still firmly in its window. Or maybe our accompaniment wasn't ideal, but unfortunately it was three or four weeks ago and I just can't remember what we had. You have one bottle left, correct? I'm sure there is no great rush to drink it, but I also don't know if there is too much point in waiting a lot longer. If you pop it, let me know how it turns out-- Best, Tim

  • ScottPreston says:

    2/12/2013 12:30:00 PM - Frank, on your oxidation question on the Chidaine. I have had a ton of Chidaine over the last 3-5 years. This was the most oxidation i have had on one of his wines. I don't mind a little oxidation. In fact some of my favorite wines from the Loire are from Nicolas Joly, which i find have oxidation. Could have been an off bottle, but i will probably drink my Chidaines a little younger going forward.

  • oenophilemoose says:

    2/3/2013 10:04:00 PM - Frank...thank you for your input and I'll follow your advice and purchase some of the vintages you recommended. I'm still somewhat of a novice and trying to accumulate a diverse cellar and continue my journey of new and different wine experiences. Cheers! Moose

  • chatters says:

    1/14/2013 2:09:00 AM - G'day Frank, thanks for your question...I find until the tertiary/age characteristics start coming through at some level that Vouvray and, to a lesser extent, Savennieres lack complexity and thus I find them a little simple, but still good, wines. They tend to exhibit, for me, a little citrus or green apple, some minerality, perhaps some lanolin touches and plenty of acidity. What I prefer is what happens with time, when notes of nuts, honey, sometimes figs, and spices start to come to the fore. With that in mind, I'd leave this for a few years as it has some minor honeyed notes on the nose but this isn't on the palate yet - I've got a couple of the 05's that I have no plans on opening in the immediate future (probably in 5-10 years). The big sticking point will be the quality of the cork/seal and storage conditions but I've had 20 year old Vouvrays that have been wonderful, rich and complex and I see no reason why this couldn't last that long. Of course, if you prefer them crisp, fresh and crunchy with a plate of fresh sashimi or oysters I'd get tucked in! cheers, chatters

  • moudy says:

    1/12/2013 2:54:00 PM - Good afternoon. I would suggest you try a good Cru Beaujolais. The 2009 are great and 2010 are pretty good. Stick with the region of Morgon or Brouilly. Lapierre is a good Morgon and Chateau Thiven is a good Brouilly. Don't get your expectations set too high, but they are a fun, really light red wine. I especially like serving them at parties when the majority of the crowd knows little about wine.

  • DonDon says:

    12/28/2012 4:15:00 PM - Hi and thanks for posting a comment on my note on the Pax CK Ranch. No one has ever commented on one of my tasting notes so its taken me a day or two to work out how to best respond to you! Yes I am aware of Wind Gap and fortunately I do own 5 bottles if the 09 Griffins Lair so am delighted to hear I have the right one for me as I am waiting a bit before opening one. I do also have some if the wind gap Chardonnay and I must admit I found it a bit disappointing. On the Pax tasting note by heat I meant that I felt the alcohol was not totally integrated with the wine (I may have used the wrong phrase as I am relatively new to leaving tasting notes). I did still enjoy it but for me the 06 Paz Terraces Alder Springs is just in a different league. I live in London so it is sometimes hard to get great Cali wines in the UK but I go to Napa sometimes and ship back plus I know where to buy here as Californian wines are my first love more than any other region. Have you tried any Palmaz? It's Cab Sav rather than Syrah but if you have not had I completely recommend you try as it is stunning and not the usual fruit bomb you might expect from Napa. Anyway hope you are well and have a great New Year. DonDon

  • Matt Scott says:

    12/26/2012 11:56:00 PM - Hi Frank, I appreciate your kind comment in regards to the tasting note for the '08 Pisoni Estate Pinot Noir. It is undoubtedly one of the best Pinots that I have ever tasted from my home state. I can see that you also appreciate Gary's wines as well, along with some other stunning gems from Cali. I always enjoy reading your well-said, and thoughtful notes on a plethora of wines. The 100-point scale can seem a little contrived and corrupt - I get it, really I do (especially when a wine jumps up in price because of a number it was so fortunate to receive). I find it as an honest gauge for myself and it can seriously help for a easy reference. I don't like all the pretentiousness that can be attached to it, but if it wasn't that (the 100-point system), it would be something else. I typically see it as a decent comparative to the letter-grading that we all grew up with. I always break down the palate, nose, colour, finish and "x factor".