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Member since February 2009

Locale: Mission Viejo, California, USA
Dream wine: Vino Locali
Just a guy with some wine in a closet behind a vacuum and a few winter jackets. Picture is the wife and me at Opus in Lucerne Switzerland dining in the wine cellar at the end of Chapel Bridge. (yes, that's a bottle of Turley on the shelf in the back, small world) I'm married to an Italian Jersey girl so it explains a lot; my problem with pasta and family conversations at very high decibels.

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  • vin0vin0 says:

    1/28/2015 6:21:00 PM - Brig, thanks for catching my TN mess up, that Liquid Farm chard definitely deserves better.

  • StefanAkiko says:

    8/23/2014 7:44:00 AM - I see the Turley PS on the shelf. I have still some left on my shelves, but wish I had more. There are no Turley PS in your CT cellar records... So, there must be quite an interesting story here :-) If you have the inner strength to postpone pleasure, then save your '09 Ridge LS for as long as you can. We're suffering severe set-backs in trying to keep ourselves from enjoying them all... DRINK ALL THE WINE!

  • lvdania says:

    5/26/2013 12:45:00 PM - Hi Brig Want to share some good vine from South West France...

  • Screameagle says:

    3/7/2013 6:06:00 AM - Yes, the '05 Copain Hawks Butte was disapointing but the '05 Copain McDowell syrah I consumed was very good. I've always found Copains to be hit or miss. I'm trying to work my way through my remaining Copains

  • Sheila62 says:

    2/25/2013 7:19:00 PM - I would make a charitable contribution of that over-oaked left bank mess. My tasting buddy cannot believe he bought five bottles. Hey i even have a mag of the 2001. If you like the purity of old bordeaux you will want to gift your solo bottle.

  • wtianseter says:

    2/8/2013 8:21:00 PM - Thanks for the comment on the silver oak 05. After seeing your comment, I read your profile and looked at your reviews.....Damn, I'm jealous with all your tasting notes in 2012.. I thought I did pretty well for a Tennesse Hillbilly but I wasn't in the same league as you in numbers of wine tasted much less the average quality wine tasted. Just curious why points on some reviews but mostly not. Perhaps we'll meet at a tasting or winery!! Oh yeah, your coat closet has to be something! ENJOY

  • chatters says:

    1/29/2013 6:22:00 PM - Hi Brig, you commented on my note about the Produttori del Barbaresco 2007. By too big I meant mouth feel and weight - I always feel that Barbaresco should be light, elegant and feminine from a body weight point of view whereas this wine was, on this occasion, a bit too chunky. Having said that, I still thought it was lovely.

  • Dexter Morgan says:

    1/8/2013 1:32:00 PM - Brig, not to sound like a radio caller but long time cellartracker reader, first time user. Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed reading some of your notes and look forward to reading more. Always enjoy expanding my network of winos!

  • Chainthroer says:

    12/11/2012 11:58:00 AM - Brig- I haven't yet got much of a handle on using the new CT forum. Anyway, thanks forthe comment on the 2007 Chante Cigale VV CdP. I have quite a few of the 2007 CdPs and I'm going to have a tough time staying away from them too.

  • ChrisinSunnyside says:

    11/14/2012 3:56:00 PM - Hi Brig, glad to see you here too. Cheers!

  • bretrooks says:

    11/14/2012 2:30:00 PM - Hi, Brig...our storage situations are similar. Hope to meet up in person someday.

  • unklbuck says:

    1/5/2012 1:34:00 PM - Saw ur 2011 Didn't think there was anyone close to my llm purchases but I see Jeremiah bullfrog sold you on getting about 2/3 of what I got

  • toeswest says:

    6/19/2011 8:33:00 AM - Another great wine party! Thanks to you and Chris for making it so successful.

  • Dave Smigielski says:

    11/26/2010 8:27:00 PM - Hey Brig, Trying to use GS more than CT, so I thought I would friend you. Tag - your it.

  • brigcampbell says:

    3/8/2010 2:56:00 PM - Testing using Firefox

  • brigcampbell says:

    3/8/2010 9:46:00 AM - I had a very nice dinner on March 6th at Traci's house which I wrote up here.