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  • 2007 Robert Craig Cabernet Sauvignon Affinity

    Double decanted for an hour. Opening was tight. Black cherrys and strawaberry undertones. Beautiful balance that will likely imporve. Nose is nothing to sing about--not much there. Pencil lead and ruby rounded. Generally a nice wine but not at all what I had hoped for. Seems less that what Parker gave it. I don't think it will age more than 3-5 years , but will work through my six bottles to see if there is improvement.

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  • 2000 Domaine du Pégaü Châteauneuf-du-Pape Cuvée Réservée

    I'm with toouche below. dinner party of 10 on Saturday---2 bottles. Amazing. DOuble decanted for three hours. Served with grilled lamb bone in and mint, hickory garlic roasted potatoes, ripe olives and rich cheese tray. Killed them----all. Wonderful and classic CNP. I started 12 years ago cellaring CNP and am just pulling them up now. This is simply a beautiful wine. Bacon, earth, tomato. hot stone, rich blackberry, mint, licorice cough drop, leather. Food wine or you waste it. Balance- 96. Flavor-94. Color and experience- 95. Nose-92.

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  • 2007 Rodney Strong Pinot Noir Reserve

    Back again. Dinner for 10 on Saturday. All ten know their wine. Decanted for three hours---not much different than decanted for 1/2 hour. Lot's of smokey foods with this---smoked gouda. Mussels in garlic and mushrooms. We did this wine at Thanksgiving and it was remarkable. Five months later it is softer--but a classic Sonoma. Not shy---bold and structured for a Pinot. The one guy who is a Cab Fran freak said it was the best he ever had. This is an under rated wine---nine bottles tried over a period of time and three to go. Will drink the next two before fall. Will keep the last one until 2012 just to discover what will happen. This is a food wine.

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