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  • 1970 Graham Porto Vintage

    I have tasted this Port several times and each and every time it has shown itself to be an absolutely stunning example of what Port can acheive. Now, first let me clear something up. This is a VERY sweet port.....and even though I don't have much of a sweet tooth and would probably never drink more than 1-2 glasses, the sweetness may or may not be overwhelming to others. However, albeit Graham VP's tendency to be a tad bit sweeter than the other prominent Port houses, this particular vintage blows away 98% of the other ports that I have tasted. It has a beautiful, though subtle, nose of chocolate covered cherries, mocha, sweet cream, stewed berries and spices ( cinnamon, nutmeg, a hint of allspice ), toffee, and ginger-spiced cake. On the palate is where the fireworks begin, though. There is a local place right down the street from me that makes the most amazingly delicious, super moist and buttery, melt in your mouth, pound cake which is absolutely covered in a crunchy cinnamon/sugar struesel. If that rich, sweet delight were to be drowned in marachino cherries and their juice, strawberries, and raspberries which had all been stewed and cooked down with some Kirch liquor and Chambord, then you would have a pretty close approximation of the flavors that expolde across your palate when tasting this port. It is phenomenal. Now, admittedly, every time I have tasted it, I had, for the previous hour or so, been tasting big, heavy and tannic reds, so the blast of sugar, fruit, and spices was a wonderful and welcome change for my taste buds. That doesn't change the fact that this port is absolutely spectacular. Easily 95-99 points, depending upon how well it has been stored, pairing, and the circumstances surrounding the tasting opportunity. I had it once paired with a crisp cinnamon and sugar crusted mini apple pie topped with a creamy-tart dollop of Roquefort. MMmmmm!!!

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  • 2001 Yalumba The Signature

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  • 2001 Staglin Family Cabernet Sauvignon Estate

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