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  • 2010 Kistler Pinot Noir Kistler Vineyard

    Bought on release from the list, cellared at 56 degrees since delivery, decanted for 30 minutes, tasted over 3 hours, burning Bacardi 151 flambé on the nose-could not discern any fruit, huge legs when swirled, menthol infused dark cherry on the palate-very scared of someone lighting up nearby, finish is short-harsh-and full of rubbing alcohol. I am no longer a subscriber to the list, but this wine is by far the worst Kistler I have ever tasted. No rating assigned, undrinkable in current form

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  • 2012 La Crema Pinot Gris

    Pale color/nose of melon and vanilla/ fat round green melon, citrus fruit wo acidity, vanilla and residual sugar were the tastes. Positively awful stuff, only redeeming feature was the screwcap. Poured the rest of the bottle down the drain. In no way was this representative of Pinot Gris.

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  • 2009 Roar Pinot Noir Pisoni Vineyard

    Very different is the term that comes to mind here. Note, this is almost on the opposite side of my Pinot wheelhouse, so take this note as such. Given 2hrs of air. Color was deep purple with a wide meniscus and mega legs. The nose was filled with Ben gay rubbed kale, etoh and blueberries. The taste was much the same, disjointed mix of green veggies, menthol, and cherry pie filling which finished with a bite of two, similar experience, but the menthol was taken down a notch and the etoh shot right off the charts. Big disappointment. I have enjoyed Pisoni fruit in the past, as well as Roar's Rosella, but this was unratable. I would have guessed a low priced Mollydooker Shiraz if it had been served blind.

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