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  • 2007 Domaine Vindemio Ventoux Imagine

    Did not decant, but consumed with others over a 5+ hour period. Nowhere near the blackberry nose as 2 days earlier from another bottle. Pleasant on the palate and still a good QPR, but it seemed like a different wine all together.

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  • 2007 Domaine Vindemio Ventoux Imagine

    Decanted thru Vinturi then back into bottle 1 hr before tasting event. At P&P, nose was heavy with distinct blackberry & spices, smooth on the palate with medium finish. Nothing earth shaking, but a very pleasant wine with/without food. Gassed remaining 1/2 bottle w/Argon for 3 days and enjoyed with a wine loving friend. I thought it was at least still a 90 in my book for enjoyment and QPR. Will open another on 7/4/15, as I doubt this will get better.

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  • 2005 Frenchman Hills Red Wine Sentinel Gap Vineyards

    Contrary to my previous posts on this wine from 2+ years ago, this one was surprisingly good, but...I did decant it twice thru a Vinturi and then back into the bottle for a tasting event. Surprisingly, this was a favorite of several tasters (including a wholesale wine distributor), and even I thought it was amazingly different than others I have opened and generously scored 83. Had I not been influenced by previous experiences, I might have scored this even higher,but I am thinking it must be a fluke! Now I need to hope that the remaining 12 are as good, then, after a couple more good experiences, I will provide my impressions.

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