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  • 2006 Château Duplessy

    Upon P&P thru a Vinturi, initial nose and palate were kind of sharp, and because cork in a magnum bottle was heavily staine, I feared that the wine might have oxidized. Within 10-15 minutes, my fears were dismissed and the wine became softer on both the nose (very fresh fruit/cedar) and on the palate. After re-opening at a restaurant dinner and for another 2+ hours, it became increasingly more interesting. MUCH more fruit on the nose and palate, with a velvety smooth mouth feel. Probably a 91 after 3 hours+. A great QPR I would buy again at $37/Magnum. Aside from the cork issue, I think this could age a few more years. CT shows one more in my collection, but it is not in that location. I need to search for it.

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  • 2002 Château Thieuley Réserve Francis Courselle

    Very pleasant old world style Bordeaux nose of cedar, fruit, floral scent, very pleasant fruit on the palate, even more so with a Vinturi. I wish Garagiste had sent all of my order. Their shipping/communication policies pretty much suck. Why wineaccess.com and others can ship FedEx via climate controlled trucks to regional depots and include it in their free shipping and Garagiste cannot is beyond me, but it sure cuts down on my orders from them, some of which (just recently) have taken 10+ months.

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  • 2006 D-Cubed Petite Sirah

    Same description as 2 years ago, but wine opened up in less time. Opened bottle an hour before tasting event, which lasted 2 hours. After an hour, this was being guessed by other "blind" tasters to be a Cabernet or Bordeaux. By the end of the tasting, some were sure that it was CdP with some age. I would buy more of this at $13!!

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