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  • 1998 Chateau Musar

    A bit of barnyard on the nose upon opening, but it improved.
    Somewhat thin on the palate, but it did gain weight after some hours and even more on day two. Tannins are resolved now, acidity is high and this is still lively, but I had the impression this was beyond its peak.
    But I don't have so much experience with Musar yet.

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  • 2011 Marcel Lapierre Morgon

    Popped and poured, then followed over three days.
    This is fantastic.
    Complex nose, first some light barnyard, which soon dissipates. Dark fruit, spices, some black pepper. Wonderfully lightfooted on the palate, but at the same time with very intense flavors, similar to what the nose offered, but in addition a strong mineral, savory component. Just a joy to drink, especially with food.
    One of the best Beaujolais I have drunk (well, admittedly I did not drink sooo many yet).

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  • 2007 Fournier Père & Fils Sancerre

    This is supposed to be drunk young. In fact most TN here date back to 2010.
    This bottle was found in a cupboard in my office, left there by my predecessor, or perhaps pre-predecessor, who knows. It was lying down, but must have stayed for years at 20-25 degrees. I opened it without much hope, even less once I saw some drops had leaked through the cork and made the capsule sticky but the wine inside surprised me pleasantly. Light golden color, clear.
    Quite evolved and complex on the nose, now going towards mushrooms, but still fresh and floral. P. even found a hint of strawberries. The palate is quite nice, well balanced between a certain viscosity and the sharp acidity, which keeps it lively and fresh. Very tasty, with a long finish on oranges.
    I enjoyed it!

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  • EMAZurich says:

    6/7/2015 4:55:00 AM - Tschou gilrbo, Freut mich von Dir zu lesen! Preferisci l'Italiano o Tedesco? Wegen weissem Burgund... Ich bin ein blutjunger Nichtswisser was Burgund betrifft. Das aus mehreren Gründen... Bei Weissweinen war ich immer (und bin es nach wie vor) sehr von meiner Heimat überzeugt. Weiters mach ich keinen Pinot Noir also konnte ich Reiseambitionen ins Burgund bisher gut widerstehen. Ausserdem war ich ganz froh wenigstens eine Gegen gefunden zu haben wo mich wenig begeistert, mein Keller ist voll/teuer genug ohne Burgund. Aber... Ich habe letztes Jahr mit einem Kollegen ein paar Chardonnays probiert, ich brachte Österreich, er Schweiz und... Eben Burgund. Hmmm... Ich fing an meinen Weissweinhorizont zu überdenken. Und gestern wurde ich von meiner Frau zum Nachtessen eingeladen, Menü und Weine hatte sie vorher ausgewählt... Und gut gewählt, ich war hin und weg! Also, neue Liebe weiss ich noch nicht, neues Geschmacksabenteuer aber sicherlich... Wie sieht's mit Österreich in Deinem Keller aus? Liebe Grüsse aus Züri, Edgar

  • Tony Poli says:

    5/16/2014 11:26:00 AM - Thank you for commenting on my Faro note. It approaches $100 here in the US, when one can get it. My wife and I were in Piemonte last fall - what a wonderful place. We are both of Tuscan origin, and our wine salesman who sold us the Faro said we had to get rid of our "Tuscan skirts" and get up into the Piedmont. As much as I like Chianti and Brunello, I had to agree after experiencing Alba, Barolo and Barbaresco.

  • gilrbo says:

    10/2/2013 4:40:00 AM - Ciao Sarastro, thanks for your comment. Much appreciated. Always good to have some feedback and see that one is not talking nonsense (big risk when the topic is wine!).

  • Sarastro says:

    10/2/2013 3:59:00 AM - Ciao, I just felt to write you how much I am appreciating your five-star system, beside your always interesting notes. Le "*" sono dannatamente immediate!

  • pointrob says:

    9/17/2013 1:48:00 PM - Hi gilrbo i was in a rush when i posted my comment about the Lafarge, i am usually more detailed. Wine is bright with medium tannin lovely subtle earth scent with raspberry and red cherry which just grow in intensity with very long finish. i never decant Burgundy unless lots of sediment. long life for this wine