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  • 2005 Dalwhinnie Shiraz Moonambel Pyrenees

    It has been a pleasure to look and re-look at this wine - pity I had not had the benefit of Cellartracker from the beginning of the tracking of this wine.... Powerful yet well considered smack across the chops on the nose. A prize-fighter punch but happy to take it on the chin as I am in the hands of a pro for sure. The mouth-feel is again balanced and considered. Left with memories of white pepper and dark bruiser ripe fruit that takes no prisoners. The wine is power and light in a kind of ying/yang balance that is enticing.

    I see it maturing quicker than I expected now but will still reward for 5-8 years minimum.

    Am seeing a similar trend out of cooler climate Victoria Shiraz of the 2005`s starting to show their ability with an encouraging longevity in hand.

    See my video notes on the wine at:

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  • 2009 Carrick Pinot Noir

    This wine has all the classic Central Otago Pinot spice and richness of fruit, but at this very early stage in it`s development it is an unfair to make any sweeping statements about the wine as it appeared to me as untamed and almost "raw?" in it`s flavor profile. The nose is very shy but hints of impressive things to come. There will eventually be a floral component to the nose which will make it very distinctive. The color is possibly one of the darkest I have ever seen and again enthuses me for the future of the wine.

    The predominant impression left behind after tasting this wine is a sense of depth and weight that excites me. The DNA of this wine is no doubt as good as it comes and I see great things for it in 6 - 12 months and beyond for at least five years. Happily I have a fair bit of this and will look at it every six months as it will be an adventure to see this baby unroll.

    See my video review of the wine at :

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  • 2008 Castello di Gabiano Barbera d'Asti

    Medium bodied Barbera from the cheaper end of Piedmonte, the most impressive part of this wine experience is the density of flavor in the mid palate.Not so much the direct taste but depth and duration of after-taste. Nose is soft, clean and promises cherries and milky chocolate with a dusting of truffles. There are the expected rustic characteristics, but after a bit of work in the glass - ends up presenting like a friendly muscle-bound giant who is into chocolate dipped cherry candy. It is fun to look at and a great starting block for Barbaresco beginners like myself.

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