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DYMO Troubleshooting Guide

If you have a DYMO LabelWriter printer, but are having trouble getting it to work with CellarTracker, the following troubleshooting guide should help get things working for you. Recently, web browsers have instituted additional security measures for running native plugins on a webpage (of which DYMO is one), and it sometimes takes a few extra steps to get things working properly.

If you are using Chrome or Microsoft Edge

DYMO Label Software v8.5.3 or higher is required to print labels. The new DYMO Web Service is automatically installed with v8.5.3, and must be running on your local computer in order to enable printing.

DYMO DLS v8.5.3 DOWNLOAD: Windows / Mac

1. First things first: Install the DYMO software

Please make sure you have the latest version of the DYMO software for Windows or Mac installed on your system (currently v8.5.3), and that it has been installed after you've installed the web browser you're using. Please make sure to install the DYMO Web Service (in v8.5.3 or higher, it is installed by default). The latest versions of the DYMO software are available for download here: Windows / Mac

2. Verify the DYMO software works

To make sure the printer itself is working correctly, try printing a test label from the DYMO Software. Open up the DYMO Label software, select the label size installed in your printer, add some sample text, and try to print.

3. Verify the browser is configured properly

You need to use a supported browser for printing to work; the troubleshooting steps are different depending on the version of the DYMO software you have installed. Expand the section below that corresponds to the version of DYMO Label Software you have installed.

For DYMO v8.5.3 (and later)

In order to print from CellarTracker, the DYMO Web Service must be installed and running on your local machine.

It is installed by default with DYMO Label Software v8.5.3 and higher. To check whether it is running, look in the system tray (Windows) or system bar (Mac) for a small icon with the DYMO logo. If you click/right click it and select the Diagnose... option, the software will tell you whether it is properly installed and running. If it does not provide you with a "Congratulations!" message in your browser, you will need to contact DYMO Support for further assistance.

NOTE: If you are on a Mac, and the automated troubleshooter is showing successful output, but nothing is printing, you are likely hitting some known issues with the DYMO software. To print, you need to select the Stop Service option on the DYMO Web Service menu, and then you should be able to print from Safari or Firefox (but not Chrome). Please follow the instructions in the 8.5.2 (and prior) section to make sure the plugin is enabled, as well.

For DYMO v8.5.2 (and prior)

In order to print from CellarTracker, the DYMO Label Framework Plug-in must be properly installed in your browser, and be allowed to run on Find your browser in the list below, and follow the steps to ensure the plug-in is installed. If it is not installed, go back to step 1 and re-install the DYMO software.

If you are using Chrome or Microsoft Edge

Starting with version 42 of Chrome, Google now disables NPAPI by default, which is required to run the DYMO plugin. Microsoft Edge does not currently have support for any native plugins. You must use version 8.5.3 or higher of the DYMO Label Software to print with these browsers.

Internet Explorer

  1. From the Tools menu, select Manage add-ons.

  2. In the left column, change the Show: drop-down to All add-ons.

  3. Scroll through the list on the right to see if Plugin Class by Sanford, L.P. is listed. This is the DYMO Label Framework plug-in.

  4. If you locate the plug-in in the list, ensure it is Enabled.


  1. Click the menu button (top right), and select Add-ons.
  2. Scroll through the list to see if DYMO Label Framework is listed. This is the DYMO Label Framework plug-in.

  3. If you locate the plug-in in the list, ensure it is set to Ask to Activate or Always Activate. This is a global setting to enable/disable the plug-in at the browser level.


  1. Under the Safari menu, open Preferences... (or press Command-comma to open it directly).

  2. Select the Security tab.
  3. Make sure Allow Plug-ins is checked.

  4. Click Website Settings... next to Internet Plug-ins, and make sure DYMO Label Plug-in is listed. This is the DYMO Label Framework plug-in.
  5. Make sure the When visiting other websites setting is set to Ask, Allow, or Allow Always.

Allow to run the plug-in

The final step to enabling the plug-in is to ensure that has permission to run it. If you've previously changed any settings from step 3, now is a good time to restart your browser to make sure the changes take effect. If any of the settings from step 3 are set to Ask, you will be prompted by your browser to allow the plug-in to run. Sometimes these prompts are hard to discern; make sure to read them carefully, and ALLOW the plug-in to run. You may need to refresh the page after allowing a plugin for it to register.

To force the prompt, and verify that everything is correctly installed, visit our automated troubleshooting tool and click the Check Installation button. If all goes well, try Just Print; you should get two sample labels from your printer. If so, congratulations your printer is installed, configured, and ready to print barcode labels!

It still doesn't work; now what?

99% of the support issues we receive regarding DYMO printers are due to plug-in installation and permission problems; these steps should get those issues corrected, but as with any complex system it's possible there are other factors at play. If you've gone through the above steps, verified you can print from the DYMO software and that the plug-in/web service is installed, but still can't get it working, please contact us for additional assistance. Please include your operating system, browser and DYMO Software versions in addition to the output from our automated troubleshooting tool so we can further assist you.