Adding New Wines

Help! I can't find the wine I'm looking for!

CellarTracker's extensive database has over 2.1 million wines but sometimes it's hard to find the exact one you're looking for. Our best advice here is to type less and just focus on the key parts of the label (producer, region, varietal, wine name). Often only a few characters of each word are enough to get a great match quickly and help avoid misspellings (which are another common pitfall we see). If you aren't getting a match with a descriptive string, try paring back to just search for the producer. If you get too many results, then try adding back vintage, variety, region, etc, until you can find the right match or determine a new wine needs to be added.

I tried that, and I STILL can't find it!

Congratulations! It looks like you've got a wine that no one else in the CellarTracker community has entered into the database while not as common as it used to be, adding a new wine is relatively straightforward. Here's an overview of the process (and be sure to watch the short video below).

NOTE: New wine creation is currently ONLY available on our desktop website. New vintages can be added on both mobile and desktop, and we hope to add new wine creation to mobile in the future.

Desktop Instructions

We recommend starting on the Add Wine to My Cellar screen, which is easily accessible from the Quick Links menu under the search box.

  1. Search for something similar ideally from the same producer, but the same varietal/region works as well.
  2. On the results page, locate the closest match, and click the Create a New Wine link.
  3. You'll be taken to the new wine creation page, with the fields pre-populated based on the wine you selected. Go through each field and update as necessary. When you're done, click Save and Done to create the new wine and return back to the purchase screen.
  4. That's it! You just added a new wine to the database! If you have the wine in front of you, we highly recommend uploading a label image as well to make it easier to identify in the future (and so we can verify the wine fields properly match the label).

Still need help, or not sure exactly how to fill out the various fields? No fear, we're happy to help. Just email us a picture of the label (front and back, if they both contain relevant info) and we'll get it entered in for you.

Video walkthrough of adding a new wine

We've put together a short video showing the process for creating new wines. You can watch it below: