DYMO Automated Troubleshooting Tool

This tool is designed to help troubleshoot issues printing DYMO barcode labels in CellarTracker. Please follow the instructions below to test your configuration.

  1. Choose the correct label size, printer, and roll (Twin Turbo printers only) from the options below. If you do not see any printers listed in the drop-down, the DYMO software may not be properly configured. Please visit the troubleshooting page for further instructions.
  2. Click CHECK INSTALLATION. If any errors are identified, try following the instructions on our troubleshooting page to resolve them.
  3. If the prior step reports "All seems OK", click PRINT TEST LABELS to trigger a print job containing two SAMPLE labels.

If you are able to successfully print the sample labels, you are all set; return to CellarTracker to print the real labels for your wines. If things are still not working, please follow the steps outlined on our troubleshooting page to ensure the DYMO Software is correctly installed.

If you've followed the steps on our troubleshooting page, and it still isn't working, please email support@cellartracker.com the output of running both CHECK INSTALLATION and PRINT TEST LABELS, along with your operating system, browser, and DYMO software version and a description of your issue.

Please also review the full documentation for DYMO barcoding in CellarTracker before emailing.

PLEASE NOTE: It is STRONGLY recommended to run version 8.7 or later of the Dymo software.