Terroirs and Vintages of Barolo

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This records a tasting I led for the Jeroboam Club tasting in Bristol on 14 November 2018. The idea was to compare Barolo from different terroirs, and in particular from different parts of the appellation, over different vintages, from a variety of producers. Though Barolo is reputedly the King of Wines, it does not have the number of followers in the UK that one sees for Bordeaux, Burgundy or the Rhone. So for several members of the Club, this was quite a journey of discovery. Or so I hoped.

The wines were served in pairs. I introduced each pair with some comments about the vintage and the terroir from which the wine came. I said nothing about the producer, and where they could be located on the traditional-modern spectrum, until after people had tasted and formed a view on the wines.

I asked tasters to consider whether it was true that, as some maintain, there is a clear dividing line between wines made to the West of the Alba to Barolo road (typified by finesse, elegance and higher fruit tones) and those from the East (more structured, powerful, hitting deeper aromatic notes).

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