Good Bye Celebration

San Antonio, TX
Tasted Friday, July 9, 2010 by bigdogflow with 258 views


The McCrary's were so kind to host a good bye celebration for Kevan, April, Amy and me as we depart San Antonio and move to Houston. Everyone was asked to bring a favorite bottle of wine to share with the group. Listed are the wines I tasted - there were others at the party I did not get to try.

Flight 1 (12 Notes)


The 94 Taylor was a great way to close the evening. It was my second time to have the Andrew Geoffery and it is a GREAT wine - a real sleeper! Everyone had a fantastic time! All the wines were wonderful and the stories, food and friendship were tremendous. Amy and I are very lucky to have such terrifc friends. Thanks to the McCrary's, Smith's, McCoy's, Jackson's, Tangaro's, Kranzmann's, Coppock's, Henderson's, Jennifer, Butch, Cindy and Connie. We will miss you all!!!