Contratto / La Spinetta Visit

Canelli, Italy
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Contratto winery
Tasting and dinner with Luca Cigliutti
Giorgio's sister made dinner for us.

Australian winemaking assistant gave us a tour. Very impressive.
250,000 bottles made per year
1,000,000 bottles in the caves (seemed like a sea of wine, but this is probably tiny compared to some Champagne houses)
established in 1867
Champagne/Traditional Method
only make vintage sparklers
36 months on lees
each bottle is touched 30 times!

Also got to see the historic recipe for the Vermouths (which I love) all the herbs and botanicals that go into them.

It was funny/seemingly awkward how the previous owners still live on the grounds.

Flight 1 - Dinner (13 Notes)

We stood and had an assortment of appetizers with bubbles.
Then we sat down at the formal dining table.
We started with Rosé and Vermentino with cured meats then had several more courses after that.
Favorites included:
Asparagus with sunny side up eggs
Agnolotti (for the 3rd time but still delicious, rabbit pork and veal)
Roasted rabbit, tied up around a bunch of herbs, it was lean but went really well with the Nebbiolo.


A great meal and tasting. Very impressive how great they treated us.
We have a history with Giorgio having sold lots of his wine in the earlier years. He was out a couple weeks before we left tasting us on his new wines and he invited us up here.

Some awesome memories and 3 classic quotes this night:
"How has the feedback been with putting ISIS on your labels?" Response: "That is the date, 1515...?"
"What animal do these eggs come from?" (they were very different colored yolks) Resonse: "...chickens...?"
"Americans love happy endings." No response needed just uncontrollable laughing.

Luca was also very generous giving us a bottle each of the new Contratto Aperitif and Bitter...both delicious. He also gave me a bottle of 2004 Sassontino Riserva. All ended up getting consumed happily our last night in Barolo.