Carriageworks, Redfern
Tasted Sunday, October 9, 2016 by chatters with 362 views


Another year, another Pinotpalooza. This year I took advantage of their VIP option - yes it's twice as much as an ordinary ticket but they do give you a free feed, you get a little vertical at the Burgundy bar and, far more importantly, you get two hours tasting before the hoards arrive. Consequently I was at the front of the queue clutching my ticket in my sweaty hands full of nervous excitement and my route amongst the wineries and the wines to try fully planned out!

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Wow, here we are again, the VIP thing was worth every additional cent of it as I got through my list just as the hoards arrived. This took me up to the Schubert and then I muddled around a few others and chatted to a few old and new chums. Lovely. Then bumped into E & M and then headed back to theirs to forget about spitting and remember swallowing...