Torre Muga

Bodega Muga's Torre Muga is one of the flagship 'new wave' wines of Rioja. Traditionally and legally, Rioja has very strict rules governing terms like 'Reserva' or 'Gran Reserva' on the label. While the production of modern cuvées like Torre Muga can qualify for indications like 'Reserva,' the producers often eschew these designations in order to differentiate these wines from the traditional Rioja as well as produce a wine in the way they most see fit for the grapes and vintage rather than be bound by rigid strictures.

Muga's Torre Muga has been entered into CellarTracker with Torre Muga as the designation. Earlier vintages did display terms like 'Reserva' on the label, but we felt that preserving the continuity of this wine (one definition across all vintages) took precedence especially since the label currently only says 'Torre Muga.' We do include Reserva as a hidden search term.

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