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Source fruit from growers we like, trust, and respect. Choose growers who share with us a history in the valley, an ideology aimed at quality in the vineyard, and a desire to farm with an eye on the environment.

Push boundaries and take risks. Experiment with and understand each vineyard and how our practices in the cellar can accentuate the site and the vintage.

Trust the process and ourselves. Explore new techniques of fermentation and aging because we know our experience will guide us. Manipulate the wines as little as possible, and let the vineyards and vintages speak for themselves. As such, our wines are fermented with indigenous yeas, native malolactic bacteria, and without the use of unnatural additives.

Make wines we want to drink. Create delicious wines that can be enjoyed now or are able to age for years to come.

When we met over 14 years ago, we agreed on a fundamental idea: we wanted to build a life together that felt like an adventure. We left California for Oregon’s Willamette Valley, where Grant first worked as assistant winemaker at Hamacher wines and then spent the bulk of 10 years as assistant winemaker and then winemaker at Beaux Freres. Those ten years were rich. Renée continued teaching high school while Grant gained intimate understanding and appreciation of the soils, climates, and personalities (both land and people) of the valley. We started a family. We made good friends, drank beautiful wines, and dreamed of a life that would bring us more together than apart.

In 2015, we sold our house in Portland, scraped together every penny we had, and moved to a fixer-upper in the the valley so that we could build Hundred Suns. Eventually, Grant moved on from being winemaker at Beaux Freres to overseeing the vineyards and making the wines for Flaneur Wines, and Renée swapped the classroom for the cellar and running of the day-to-day business. From winemaking, to label design, website building, and even wax dipping bottles by hand, every aspect of this process has our fingerprints on it because it is just the two of us.

In 2018 we bought a 4.5 acre property in the Eola-Amity hills where an old vineyard is now our childrens’ backyard. Farming this site will bring us even closer to the wines that we have the pleasure of making and managing together. So far it has been a beautiful adventure indeed, and we’re just getting started.

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