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The Kyperounda vineyards have always been famous for their superior quality. It was this underlying potential that inspired a group of vine-growers to create a range of distinctive wines of oustanding quality. Their dream became real thanks to the vision and partnership between the families of Photiades and Boutaris, the famous Greek winemakers. The expertise of the Boutari fifth generation wine making ushered in a new era for Cypriot vine growing and wine making with the creation of the Kyperounda Winery.
The Kyperounda vineyard with its isyllic terraces, encloses today a total of 4 hectares, recently planted Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes. The soil is sandy clay, and the terrain steeply sloping. The low yields and favourable temperatures, which are unique to the region, produce perfectly ripened grapes of very high quality. The relief of the ground and unusually high altitude (at 1400 metres it is the highest in Europe and one of the highest of the world) shape the superb environment of this domain.


Situated in this idyllic setting and designed to the specifications of experienced winemakers, the winery is built on three levels in order to take advantage of gravity to move the grape juice in the gentlest possible way. The equipment of the winery was selected on the sole basis of processing the fruit of the Kyperounda vineyards with the perfection it deserves. The wineries underground cellar holds 250 (225 litre) oak barrels, in which the wine of Kyperounda matures and develops character.


The exceptional infrastructure of the domain and its installations help to produce wines of superior quality. The winery produces a limited number of Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay from the Kyperounda vineyards. The Kyperounda "Petritis" and "Andessitis" are a white varietal from local Xinisteri grapes and a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenach Rouge and Mataro. These complete the wine portfolio from the Kyperounda Winery. All wines bear on their labels the characteristic linear motif: the seal of quality guaranteed.

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